[Community_studios] Draft Review

Alex alex at synchcorp.com
Thu May 2 23:08:07 EDT 2002

You get my support for it.

Alex Heizer

tom poe wrote:

> Hi:  I just put Leon's draft #2 up at:
> http://www.studioforrecording.org/mt/Pubdomain_Bread/index.html
> and, I just can't help thinking this reads just right, and should be
> publicized extensively.  It uses Leon's name, and it refers to Leon as
> spokesperson for Seul.  With that in mind, I wonder if we should get some
> sort of sanction, or approval, or go-ahead to try and get this out there in
> the "wild".  How do we do that?  Is it as simple as Leon saying, one more
> time, use it?  And Doug, saying, go ahead?  Please let me know what you think.
> Thanks,
> Tom Poe
> Reno, NV
> http://www.studioforrecording.org/
> http://www.ibiblio.org/studioforrecording/
> http://renotahoe.pm.org/
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