[Community_studios] Revised and published as SFR . . . .

tom poe tompoe at renonevada.net
Thu May 2 16:09:48 EDT 2002

Hi:  Revised the draft to read from Studio For Recording, Inc., rather than 
Seul.  Felt there should be something out there, NOW!  

Hopefully, the Schoolforge/Seul statement will be one that will attract media 
attention.  To that end, check this out:
http://www.studioforrecording.org/mt/Pubdomain_Bread/index.html , and see if 
it spurs creative juices for our "Offishal" response.

I'm proud to announce we have an article on http://www.linuxjournal.com that 
might be of interest, and with that in mind, I should be able to approach 
them with the "Offishal" response idea when we're all ready.  That is, unless 
the comments are such that Richard has to spend all his time censoring.  :-)

The other idea I had, was, to build on what someone said earlier, about 
creating a "media kit", and list of targets to send the statement to.  If we 
generate a significant number of addresses [hopefully, email addresses], then 
we can divvy up the pot, and each list member can shoot off 5 or 10.  What do 
you think?

Tom Poe
Reno, NV

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