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Wed Apr 13 07:39:55 EDT 2011

Dear all, 


The Free Culture Research Conference (FRCR) has now been held 3 times, first
at the iSummit in Sapporo in 2008, then at Harvard University in 2009, and
finally at the Free University of Berlin, in 2010. It is also the main
raison d'être of this otherwise quiet mailing list, as the list was used to
coordinate resources for the first event in Sapporo and for some
communications since. 


Needless to say, as the main initiator of this event and co-chair of all 3
conferences thus far, I have been amazed at the support that several good
people have given the FCRC over the years and humbled by the many great
minds that have used this as an opportunity to convene, discuss and debate
anything and everything that can fall under the umbrella of Free Culture.
Every year we have experimented with the format of the event, and the last
conference in Berlin was considered by many to be the most complete and
intellectually stimulating thus far. 


As such, I would love to see this event continue in one form or another in
the coming years. However, this year, there is no plan to host a Free
Culture Research Conference (FCRC), in spite of some kind offers to host it.
The reasons for this are both personal and practical: In spite of the many
generous contributions by others, the event has taken a lot of my time every
year, and I need to take a break and devote more time to other things that
have been relatively neglected as a consequence. Also, in discussions I have
had with some of you, I have come to realize that we all need to devote some
time to the dissemination of our research work to a broader academic and
non-academic audience, via journal articles, books, reports, or in any other
manner. So, I propose that we make 2011 the year when we make that happen in
whatever way we can. I for one will focus more on my writing. I also plan to
edit a special issue on Free Culture in a relevant academic journal. There
are more options to explore, such as book projects, and I will let you know
when I have news on that. Please use this mailing list to share other ideas
or proposals that you wish to make and think about how you can contribute
towards the goal of disseminating our research and ideas. 


In the meantime, I hope to host a more informal meet-up at the CC Global
Summit planned for this year, where we can strategize on what we want to do
as an interdisciplinary academic community in the next few years. The FCRC
and this mailing list are of course not in any way dependent on CC, but as
many of the initiators and conference attendees are, or have been, in some
way affiliated with CC, I propose we use that as an opportunity for at least
some of us to meet this year. I do not have details on the CC summit yet, so
this is just a tentative plan that I hope the summit will be able to


This year I will also try to set up a steering committee for FCRC that will
steward this event in the future in a more sustainable and serious manner,
and without the need for my constant involvement. I think this will help
safeguard the future of the event and ensure some continuity from one year
to the next. 


That is all for now, thank you for reading. I thought I owed everyone an
update. While I'm sure that having no FCRC this year will be disappointing
to some, I hope you will agree that taking a break will allow us to do more
in the long term. Feel free to send your comments or suggestions to me
personally or to this mailing list. 







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