[Commons-research] Clarifications on the duration of the research program

Giorgos Cheliotis gcheliotis.lists at gmail.com
Fri Jul 4 08:01:01 EDT 2008

Dear all,

just one more short note. As Kim and some others have pointed out, the  
iSummit dates are Jul 29 - Aug 1, but the main isummit program  
(including the research track) starts on Jul 30! Please make note of  
this. The first day, i.e. Jul 29 will be dedicated to the CCi Legal  
Day which, to the best of my knowledge is for CC staff and  
jurisdiction leads only and there will also be a session among  
facilitators in preparation of the main isummit program which will  
start the day after.

So, I have been wondering myself whether there will be interesting  
things to do for anyone attending on the 29th who is not a facilitator  
and not a CC jurisdiction lead/representative - will the Legal Day be  
open to all? Will there be something else happening? I do not have the  
full picture on that. But in any case, what I do know is that the  
research track and all other tracks are Jul 30 - Aug 1. Pending any  
further clarifications from iCommons, I would suggest that you take  
the above into account when planning for your trip. And you can check  
the research program again on http://commonsresearch.wikidot.com/program


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