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Fri Jul 4 07:48:36 EDT 2008

Hi, I'm on vacation (sort of) these days and I have a new class to  
prepare, so I won't be very reachable these days I'm afraid, but here  
is just a short take on Alek's suggestion: I find that it may be  
useful, but I would leave it up to individuals to organize such "side- 
quests" if they wish to get a particular community together. The way I  
see it the main value of the workshop will be the very fact that  
multiple disciplinary perspectives will be presented on a common range  
of themes. But now if say the lawyers or economists among us wish to  
have a separate meeting on the side to discuss what would be an  
economics research agenda for commons-relevant issues, that might also  
be good, as long as it does not conflict with the program as it stands  
(we are not a huge group, so I think it wouldn't be wise at this point  
to split everyone into economists, computer scientists, lawyers,  
sociologists, etc.).

The discussion session is set for the end of the workshop because by  
then participants will have been exposed to a range of perspectives  
and will be able to comment on what they see as current or emerging  
topics that are worthwhile to pursue further. It is my experience (and  
I don't think that it is a very subjective or unique experience) that  
the common agenda will emerge in some form out of the presentations  
and interactions at the summit - then the last session will hopefully  
help us reflect on the commons themes and on the workshop as a whole  
before reporting back to the main isummit.

So, in summary, sure, any such initiative like the one Alek is  
suggesting is welcome as far as I'm concerned, as long as it does not  
weaken the wide participation and cross-disciplinary exchange that is  
supposed to be the centrepoint of the workshop. Now if you can  
convince say a few law researchers to meet together in the evening or  
during lunch to discuss further, then all the better!


On Jun 29, 2008, at 4:25 PM, Alek Tarkowski wrote:

> Hello,
> I've been thinking about our workshop's program and in particular  
> about
> ways of discussing future research agenda. I think this is an  
> important
> issue - to collectively agree on what subjects / methods are useful  
> and
> should be pursued.
> I know there is a discussion session planned for this, but a) it is
> relatively short and b) it's at the end of the workshop.
> I think it would make sense to have earlier meetings in smaller  
> groups,
> for instance dealing with specific research fields (economy, social
> sciences, law, and so on). These groups could form positions on
> particular agendas in these fields - and then present them in the last
> session.
> I think this would help to end the workshop with precise views on  
> future
> actions.
> Best,
> Alek
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