[Commons-research] research agenda

Alek Tarkowski alek at creativecommons.pl
Sun Jun 29 04:25:18 EDT 2008


I've been thinking about our workshop's program and in particular about 
ways of discussing future research agenda. I think this is an important 
issue - to collectively agree on what subjects / methods are useful and 
should be pursued.

I know there is a discussion session planned for this, but a) it is 
relatively short and b) it's at the end of the workshop.

I think it would make sense to have earlier meetings in smaller groups, 
for instance dealing with specific research fields (economy, social 
sciences, law, and so on). These groups could form positions on 
particular agendas in these fields - and then present them in the last 

I think this would help to end the workshop with precise views on future 



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