[Commons-research] Research Program and Wiki up!

Giorgos Cheliotis gcheliotis.lists at gmail.com
Thu Jun 26 16:39:36 EDT 2008

Hello to everyone on the list,

I'm happy to announce that we finally have a detailed version of the  
research program of the isummit posted online, in the form of a simple  
wiki at: http://commonsresearch.wikidot.com

One cool feature, and rather unusual for an academic-style event is  
that every uploaded paper/abstract can be commented on (you may need  
to create an account first at wikidot). So, with reviews, and the  
possibility to comment on papers, and this mailing list we have in  
effect started the summit already a month before we meet in Sapporo  
and I hope that we will keep this up even after Sapporo.

Please do take a look at it and feel free to comment, make  
suggestions, etc. (though at this stage it is too late to make any  
major changes).

We received 29 submissions for research presentations and each  
submission was reviewed by at least 3 reviewers, sometimes more! So  
the total was about 90 reviews written in a rather short amount of  
time. Of course we're talking about extended abstracts here so reviews  
were sometimes very short, but this is still quite an achievement I  
believe. After careful consideration of the review results and other  
factors (having a good mix of presentations, diversity, inclusion,  
expected interest) we decided among the chairs to accept 16 papers for  
presentation (55% acceptance rate) and another 5 for posters.

Generally many papers received favorable reviews, even if some reviews  
were quite critical, so we opted for a model of maximum inclusion,  
where we want to give everyone with a sufficiently interesting  
submission a chance to present their work.  The inevitable downside is  
that the research track will dedicate a fair amount of time to  
traditional "academic" presentations, but we have made space for a 1- 
hour speedgeeking session and a 1.5 hour open discussion on setting a  
commons research agenda. Also, all participants will naturally be able  
to mingle with every other isummit participant during breaks, social  
events, etc, so overall there should be a fair balance between ad-hoc  
participation and structured presentations.

I will follow up with some more emails on specific aspects of the  
isummit research program.


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