[Commons-research] A Day In The Life of a Commons Researcher

Rebecca Kahn rebecca at icommons.org
Mon Jun 2 06:03:30 EDT 2008

Dear Commons Researchers

This year, like last year, I'm busy compiling the iCommons Annual for  
the iSummit. One of the main ideas behind the Annual this year is  
humour - we know our community has a great sense of humour, but  
sometimes we don't stop, step back and laugh at ourselves enough.

To this end, I thought it would be fun to do a piece called "A Day In  
the Life of a Commons Researcher" - since many people aren't 100% sure  
of what people who research the commons actually do.
Do you drink tea all day and think about sharing?
Do you share your tea?
Do you spend your life using Google to counting CC licences?
Do you have to explain to friends and family (over and over again)  
what it is that you do, and what the Commons is?
Do you have to go down on hands and knees and beg for grants and  

This is all very important information! The Commons needs to know what  
your days are like!

If any of you can help me out with a breakdown of the average day in  
the life of a Commons researcher, I would be most grateful. I will  
repay you in kind, with many beers bought at the Sapporo Beer Festival.

Yours, in anticipation


Rebecca Kahn
iCommons Editor
t: + 11 327 3155
f: + 11 327 3201
rebecca at icommons.org

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