[Commons-research] CC and gender issues

Giorgos Cheliotis giorgos at smu.edu.sg
Sat May 31 07:44:28 EDT 2008

I recently sent this to cc-community but I wonder whether someone here  
on commons-research knows the answer...

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> Subject: [cc-community] CC and gender issues
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> I just started thinking about gender and CC today, here is why:
> Mike Linksvayer just sent on CCi an email about the ccMixter music  
> remixing community, linking to: http://creativecommons.org/weblog/entry/8323
> In that user survey of the CC-based remixing community only 4.3% of  
> respondents entered "female" under gender!
> This may be attributable to several factors, but it made me think:  
> could it be that...
> (a) remixing, or
> (b) use of CC licenses in general, or
> (c) participatory media in general
> is more of a male thing?
> Anyone here aware of studies on the role (if any) of gender in  
> online social networks, peer production, etc.? It's not my field,  
> but I'd be curious to know...
> Giorgos
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