[Commons-research] Quantification analysis of Australian domain webharvests held by the National Library of Australia

Alek Tarkowski alek at creativecommons.pl
Tue May 20 02:28:36 EDT 2008

Giorgos Cheliotis wrote:
> Ben, any news on this one? My feeling is it may be hard to generalize 
> some findings beyond Australia, since what you are doing is a form of 
> convenience sampling, but it would be interesting to look at the 
> outcome of this, and I find all of the objectives you have listed in 
> your email to be relevant.
Dear all,

I agree that generalization might be difficult or impossible. But it 
would be a start for just as important comparative studies - and a 
possibility to test the approximations achieved through search engine 
queries against a benchmark based on real numbers (assuming that the 
crawl is indeed exhaustive).



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