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Hello All,

A second proposal from the APC for your consideration and comment.   
This proposal was also submitted to the commons.demo at gmail.com list by  
the deadline. I also just submitted it to the pentabarf system.

Natasha Primo

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> Subject: APC proposal for Demo session -  Media Piracy in South  
> Africa: Towards a detente
> Proposal for Demo Session on ‘Media Piracy in South Africa: Towards  
> a détente’
> Prepared for the iCommons iSummit 2008, Sapporo, Japan
> Submitted by the Association for Progressive Communications
> Contact Person:
> Natasha Primo (Natasha at apc.org)
> The importance of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) protection for  
> a global knowledge economy has pushed piracy into the forefront of  
> contemporary debates on globalization. In most countries in the  
> global South, public discourse on IP seems almost synonymous with  
> the phenomenon of piracy.
> Piracy is flourishing in South Africa – similar to other countries  
> with sharp economic and social inequalities. Piracy has dominated  
> the debate in South Africa on intellectual property and  
> globalization.  However, very little independent research appears to  
> have been done on the extent of piracy – and the drivers behind it.  
> The commonly cited research is dominated by international and local  
> media giants – and is used to leverage their ability to lobby for  
> changes in laws, and stricter IP enforcement.
> No known research has been conducted into the possible effects of  
> piracy on expanded access to technology, knowledge, new media  
> practices, and innovation.
> APC is implementing a South African case study - which is part of a  
> multi-country research project coordinated by the SSRC - on media  
> piracy. The purpose of the overall research project is to examine  
> the phenomenon of piracy across the global South, and to provide  
> accounts which explore the discourse of illegality and criminality  
> deployed by mainstream media and law enforcement agencies. The  
> premise of the research is that “‘piracy’ is a fact of life in  
> places where a media-saturated modernity meets severe inequalities  
> of purchasing power for books, software, recordings, videos and  
> other knowledge products.
> A key challenge is to provide critical research that provides a more  
> nuanced understanding of piracy, which can be used to create a more  
> balanced discourse on piracy, and can also be used by groups  
> advocating for a more equitable knowledge society.
> The target of the South African research and advocacy is first and  
> foremost the policy making bodies of the South African government  
> responsible for intellectual property rights and anti-piracy  
> enforcement. These include the South African Ministry and Department  
> of Trade and Industry in the executive branch and the Trade and  
> Industry Committee in Parliament. Second,  the target of the  
> research is public opinion in South Africa and generating a public  
> debate in the media with the anti-piracy industry. Third, the target  
> of the research is the India Brazil South Africa Forum which has an  
> information society and intellectual property rights component,  
> which may engage with the issue in the framework of the Development  
> Agenda of the World Information Property Organization (WIPO)
> This research project is most aligned with one of the proposed  
> research issues outlined in the CFP, notably: "analyses of policies,  
> court rulings or industry moves that influence the future of Free  
> Culture". The proposed demo session is more concerned with gathering  
> participants' inputs about how best to apply the research findings  
> for advocacy, with the view to furthering Free culture tenets,  
> policy and practice in South Africa.
> For the purposes of this proposed demo session, APC is keen to draw  
> lessons from participants and free culture advocates generally  
> around ways to strengthen the advocacy component of the project and  
> deepen the ties between research and practice. Hence the overriding  
> question for us - in relation to this project - is: What lessons can  
> we draw from international experience/practice in the global north  
> and/or south for ways to advance effective, research-based policy  
> interventions in around copyright and IP regimes. What are best  
> practice methods and avenues - in legal and other realms - for  
> advancing open licensing models or generous fair dealing provisions  
> into existing copyright law, and getting buy-in from policy-makers  
> around the value of such provisions.
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Natasha Primo
National ICT Policy Advocacy Initiative
Association for Progressive Communications (APC)
South Africa
Tel: +27118372122
Fax: +27865099147
Skype/Yahoo: natashaprimo
Email: natasha[at]apc.org

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