[Chtechcomm] Not $200K or $100K or even $29.99 - Free San Fran Wifi

chtechboard at willraymond.org chtechboard at willraymond.org
Thu Feb 23 14:37:23 EST 2006

"Google and EarthLink have teamed up to offer to build a free citywide
wireless network here — one of six proposals by companies and nonprofit
groups vying to become the municipality's access provider."


This http://www.mercurynews.com/mld/mercurynews/news/13938106.htm
article points out the scale and cost, at least to the providers, of
the system.

"The network would require EarthLink to install about 1,500 radio
transmitters -- made by Sunnyvale's Tropos company -- atop light poles
across the city. It would cost $6 million to $7 million to install and $15
million for maintenance, upgrades and billing for the next 10 years,
according to Don Berryman of EarthLink's municipal WiFi division."

That's $7M to cover SFs rather hilly 47 sq/mi. , roughly in line with
Gregg and Steve's # BUT at a density of 32 TROPOS proprietary units per
square/mi. - enough to handle the many thousands of concurrent highspeed
connections anticipated by Earthlink.  Somewhat of a "cadillac" service
compared to our more modest initial requirements.

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