[Chtechcomm] Request to add item to Feb. 27th agenda

chtechboard at willraymond.org chtechboard at willraymond.org
Tue Feb 14 09:31:02 EST 2006


I'd like to get an update on our web site development.

1) Cost of deploying to-date under "trial offer"
2) Anticipated additional costs
3) Has the Town been approached about a new contract for services?
3a) If so, is the Town negotiating already?
3b) If so, what are the terms?
3c) If not, what is the plan? Transition from the "trial offer" or wait
for an offer from the company?
4) What's the current time line for the web sites development and hand
off, if any?

Looking at the calendar, I realize that the web site issue could
easily be lost in the shuffle of other activities and wanted
to make sure we had plenty of time to recommend alternatives
before we were forced into a corner.

Thank you,


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