[Chtechcomm] FYI: Free VMWare virtualization + our MUNIs

Arek Kempinski akempinski at townofchapelhill.org
Tue Feb 7 12:21:11 EST 2006

Yeah, I've been trying to get my hands on a copy for some time now (too
$$$; and, that is why I was 'playing' with Xen), now that its free -
don't try to stop me :-)

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You could run this is a Citrix-like or shared fashion. VMWare is
the cadillac of this tech.  We use it for Q/A, etc. so maybe
Brandon can chime in.


> Well, virtual machine(s) have been around for some time now.  We
> experimented with Xen (open source variant of virtual machine) for
> different reasons... From the article you quoted "Q: What is VMware
> Server?  A: VMware Server is a free virtualization product for Windows
> Linux servers. It enables companies to quickly provision new server
> capacity by partitioning a physical server into multiple virtual
> machines."
> So, Virtualization allows hardware abstraction so that any kernel
> it is talking to hardware, while it is actually conversing via one of
> abstracting software processes.  Virtualization allows multiple
> of operating systems run simultaneously in same hardware (providing
> adequate hardware resources: disk/memory-space exists), but that is
all it
> does.  Emulators like 'wine' and win4lin actually "translate" windows
> applications calls to the kernel into something that Linux can
> therefore windows operating system is not required (unfortunately the
> version of wine will not run MUNIS client, and commercial version is
> almost $100 per client; win4lin significantly eclipses that mark).
> VMware, one would still need to install windows in order to run
> application within the virtual machine (so no savings on windows
> and slight decrement in performance).
> On the other hand, I had more conversations with both MUNIS, and
> I have since received, and experimented with MUNIS Macintosh client in
> "Sheep Saver" and "Basilisk" (Mac emulators for Linux).  So far, both
> no avail, but the error codes appear more verbose and descriptive -
> perhaps with more time/lack...
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> Hey guys,
> The "leader" in O/S virtualization software, VMWare, has released
> a free version of their product unencumbered with licensing issues:
> http://www.vmware.com/products/server/faqs.html
> What is virtualization and why should we care?  Virtualization
> allows you to run Windows applications (in fact the whole windows
> environment) on top of Linux.  The main argument (it seems) in moving
> forward with the OSS pilot has been the MUNIS "problem".
> Through VMWare's free or low cost next gen solution, we can solve
> the MUNIs problem.
> I'd like to hear from Bob and company on this development.
> Will
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