[Chtechcomm] FYI: Free VMWare virtualization + our MUNIs

chtechboard at willraymond.org chtechboard at willraymond.org
Mon Feb 6 16:04:07 EST 2006

Hey guys,

The "leader" in O/S virtualization software, VMWare, has released
a free version of their product unencumbered with licensing issues:


What is virtualization and why should we care?  Virtualization
allows you to run Windows applications (in fact the whole windows
environment) on top of Linux.  The main argument (it seems) in moving
forward with the OSS pilot has been the MUNIS "problem".

Through VMWare's free or low cost next gen solution, we can solve
the MUNIs problem.

I'd like to hear from Bob and company on this development.


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