[Chtechcomm] Australia National Archives moves to OpenOffice and OpenDocument

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Mon Apr 3 22:39:41 EDT 2006


Michael Carden, preservation software manager at the National Archives of
Australia, said NAA is in the process of migrating its office file
preservation format to use the OpenOffice 2.0 suite which by default uses

Carden said his team at NAA was testing code at this minute and has been
submitting changes to the CVS repository on Sourceforge regularly.

"Testing is massive. We need to account for every permutation of any file
format. It is time-consuming," he said.

The NAA is interested in ODF because the nature of its work involves
receiving information in disparate file types from all over the country.

"We can't tell people 'we only accept this file format'. We have to deal
with whatever comes our way."

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