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Thought some of you might find this interesting.  Baller Herbst and 
muniwireless.com both have wonderful listserves, as well as, if you're 
interested in looking at the larger issues, common cause has a media 
reform listserve which often talks about issues we talk about here.  Let 
me know offline if you would like links to those.

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Subject: 	[cc-mediareform] A major new source of information on 
municipal wireless
Date: 	Mon, 21 Nov 2005 11:08:11 -0500
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Government Technology has just launched its new Digital Communities
website (see http://www.govtech.net/digitalcommunities).  After the
Baller Herbst list and muniwireless.com, it promises to become one of
the major sources of information on municipal wireless.  Government
Technology is the leading trade publication for municipal and state
chief information officers.  It has already run many articles on
municipal wireless in its flagship publication.  But this signals a new
level of commitment to covering this emerging story.


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