[Chtechcomm] (resend) Requirements info for the CH muni wireless project?

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Wed Nov 16 11:13:09 EST 2005

Welcome onboard Dave.

> (resend)
> Folks,
> Terri and/or Gregg may have mentioned me last night during your meeting -
> my
> name is Dave Logan.  I am interested in getting involved in the CH Tech
> Committee for the purpose of (at minimum) providing my expertise in the
> consideration/design/build-out of the CH Muni WiFi net.  I DO plan to
> attend
> next months meeting.
> In the meantime ...
> Has there been a list of requirements, goals, non-goals developed for the
> muni WiFi net?  Any documentation like a project plan or a master set of
> issues/questions to tackle?  Anything that can be shared at this time?
> If
> there is an oral history as opposed to share-able written documentation, I
> would be glad to meet with participatory individuals to learn the
> questions
> and decisions of the moment.
> Thanks
> -- Dave Logan
> Full Disclosure:  I am the VP of Products for a WiFI gear developer called
> Ruckus Wireless that will be offering a Metro WiFi CPE device beginning
> next
> year.  However, my motives for getting involved strictly relate to being a
> resident of Chapel Hill for 15+ years, being a volunteer in the community
> for the same period and wanting to provide my specialized skills and
> knowledge to the community.   :^)
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