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Terri Buckner tbuckner at ibiblio.org
Wed Jun 22 09:22:42 EDT 2005

Dear Group,

I have a booklet written by David Lawrence and published by the 
Institute of Government in 2002 on Open Meetings in North Carolina. In 
the author's opinion, conference calls and electronic meetings are legal 
as long as they are available to the public. If conference calls are 
legal, then email should be also as long as this list is available to 
anyone who wants to subscribe. Let's not be too hasty in unsubscribing 
or banning use of this list until we have done a little more research. 
We also need to get the manager's definition of 'substantive.' (Thank 
you Aris for that request.)

The impact of discontinuing use of email for all future group 
communications is to limit access, an outcome that is counter to the 
intent of the open meetings law.  Experience in the e-democracy world is 
that more people participate electronically than they do in face to face 
meetings. I hope we can take this opportunity to educate staff and 
council on how the use of electronic communications will expand citizen 
access to governmental communications rather further restricting it.

Gregg, Your intelor address has been unsubscribed. You are still 
subscribed under your other domain. If you want that unsubscribed also, 
which will remove you as an administrator of this list, please let me know.


ggerdau at intelor.com wrote:

> Terri,
> Please unsubscribe me from this list.  Based on the Manager's comments at
> last night's meeting, we must not use the list serv for group discussions.  
> We will work to find the appropriate policy for electronic communication
> that satisifes the sprit and meaning of the Manager's instructions.  Until
> then:
> All,
> Please e-mail me directly (without CC'ing anyone but yourself) with any
> specific concerns or suggestions you may have with regard to any matter or
> open topics from last night's agenda.
> Gregg
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