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Will R chtechboard at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 21 15:32:59 EDT 2005


Location, location, location.  If you look where Orlando deployed their Wifi
you'll see that it didn't serve the general community (residences) and wasn't
near "natural" aggregation zones (I was just at the beach but I didn't lug my
laptop into the surf).  If you look at Carrboro, Weaver St. gets
heavy usage because people naturally congregate there.  The Northside/Pine Knolls
initiative is aimed at bridging the last mile to residences especially 
for (but not limited to) students that get computers through the Hargraves program.

I agree there's been some failures - hopefully we'll learn from those mistakes.


ps.  BTW, Orlando was subsidizing users at $0.45 each - I wonder how that compares
to the millions in incentives for developers they mention in the article?

--- Aris Buinevicius <arisb at channeladvisor.com> wrote:

> Folks, FYI...   Disclaimer: I am in general in favor in moving forward
> with a WiFi strategy, however, I would hope the TC recommendations
> recognize a "dose of reality" in failed/costly implementations.   It
> will be important for the town to understand the complete cost/benefits
> picture to justify the initiative.
> Aris
> http://www.orlandosentinel.com/news/orl-locwifi21062105jun21,0,6347590.s
> tory
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