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I plan to attend Tuesday's meeting.  I'm open for a discussion on supporting Citrix on non school-owned computers, but that's not typically our
position, especially with over 4100 district computers to support.  It's also more difficult for us if we don't own the site.  

Keep in mind that our goal is to provide simple, affordable and manageable solutions for our students.


ggerdau at intelor.com on Friday, June 17, 2005 at 8:20 AM -0500 wrote:
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>Thanks for your comments.  A referral to the Manager usually means someone 
>will be assigned to gather information on the issue. And if the Council can 
>support or fill gaps that will get reported as well. I am assuming much of 
>what you have reported and more will be reported back to the Council. I am 
>also assuming Cal will be touch with the Technology committee via Bob Avery 
>even without Jim's addition to the resolution.  As a matter of fact I know 
>there is interest on the Technology committee for the use of old computers 
>by "others".  With the passage of the resolution Wed night, the Council has 
>gone on record supporting these ideas. Bottom line-- If the town 
>participates in offering wireless internet to any part of the community then
>Pineknolls and Northside must be included. The use of old computers is a 
>secondary issue.  Edith Wiggins
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>> IT Members,
>> The school system already makes internet appliances (free) and low 
>> cost
>> ISP access available to all students. They have devoted a great deal of 
>> effort into ensuring that all students have equal access--that was their 
>> basis for implementing a Citrix network. They would need to agree to 
>> install Citrix (and maintain) on any 'free' computers in order for 
>> students to use them for schoolwork. Then there's the wireless card issue.
>> We need to make sure Doug Noell is going to be present before we schedule 
>> this as an agenda item.
>> There are also significant barriers involved in re-distributing
>> state-owned computers. The town (and the university) cannot give computers
>> purchased with tax dollars to any individual or non-government entity. 
>> I've been trying to figure out how to transfer 5 of the Town's surplus 
>> computers to a teen center in Carrboro and am not having much luck. The 
>> town can only give them to another town approved agency, such as 
>> Empowerment or the Friends of Parks and Rec, who can then distribute them.
>> I've contacted a couple of other agencies before I learned about these two
>> and they agreed to be the conduit, but required that their own groups had 
>> first choice ahead of the teen center. I suggest we invite Delores Bailey 
>> in for this discussion also.
>> As for the wireless network, the Downtown Economic Development 
>> Corporation
>> is in the final stages of hiring a new executive director. Setting up a 
>> downtown wireless network will be one of the earliest priorities for that 
>> individual. According to their preliminary plans, part of Northside would 
>> be included in the downtown range. That individual and Andrea Rohrbacher 
>> should also be included in the discussion.
>> It's kind of a drag when something so simple turns into such a pain, 
>> isn't
>> it? Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. I'm not sure whether its so 
>> complicated to give computers away because its such a new idea or whether 
>> it will continue to be problematic every year.
>> Terri
>> Gregg Gerdau wrote:
>>> On tonight's (June 15th) Council Business Meeting Agenda,  Item 
>>> 15(a)2
>>> was a recommendation from Council Members Wiggins and Greene to act on a 
>>> citizen's recommendation to create a wireless Internet access environment
>>> in the Northside neighborhood and make old computers available for use by
>>> persons who otherwise would not have access to computers and the 
>>> Internet. "We believe this idea merits further consideration and could be
>>> of value in both the Northside and Pine Knolls neighborhoods." wrote the 
>>> Council Members.
>>> The discussion was brief, but Mayor Foy said "it's a good idea" and 
>>> made
>>> a motion to refer it to the Manager for a follow-up report. Council 
>>> Member JIM WARD stepped in and said "and the Technology Committee?" and 
>>> Mayor Foy said "yes, and the Technology Committee". The motion passed 
>>> unanimously.
>>> This links to the whole document:
>>> Thank you, JIM WARD!
>>> Bob Avery - we must include this on the June 21st TC Agenda being
>>> published tomorrow...I will send over an amended draft.
>>> With best regards,
>>>  Gregg
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