[Chtechcomm] Agenda for June 21 Technology Committee Meeting

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Fri Jun 17 17:18:25 EDT 2005


I have no objection to rephrasing the question. When I invited Cal and 
Kevin to our meeting, I told them we needed them to help us become more 
effective in working with Council and Staff. I don't think we will 
really need to ask very many questions.


Evelyn Daniel wrote:

> Dear Terri and all,
> I agree with this reassessment.  We need to develop our plans 
> incrementally and work with and through Bob.
> Could we amend your questions to the manager and the mayor, Terri, to be 
> "What is the most effective and efficient way to bring issues to your 
> attention and gain your support?"  This is really the question we want 
> answered.  I'd prefer this formulation rather than focusing on the past 
> and what we might have or should have done.
> I think it's important to have a long range plan but also important not 
> to get too detailed with implementation issues.  We need to pick one or 
> two big-ticket items and advocate for them to become items on the CIP.  
> I believe this is the vehicle that we should use in working with 
> council, as the example from the Arts Commission shows and as my 
> experience with the Library Board confirms as well.
> I see little point in going forward to council with a plan that is at 
> odds with the direction the staff is taking.  We need to work for 
> consensus within the committee (including staff members) before taking 
> anything forward.
> Evelyn
> --On Friday, June 17, 2005 2:19 PM -0400 Terri Buckner 
> <tbuckner at ibiblio.org> wrote:
>> Ralph,
>> I think the lack of feedback (on the web plan and the current tech plan)
>> is a result of us not understanding the process for moving a plan from
>> committee to endorsement to implementation. After reviewing the Public
>> Arts plan as well as a couple of others, and talking with the mayor's
>> assistant, it's clear that we need staff to advocate for the plan. So
>> while we were working on the premise that we are appointed by and
>> responsible to the council, which is accurate, we still missed the boat
>> since it's the manager who manages the day-to-day operations of staff.
>> Without Bob and the manager's endorsement, our plans will continue to be
>> presented and probably not responded to. So the question I have for the
>> manager and the mayor is "If we could start over, what should we do
>> differently in order to get the manager's support?" Should we have
>> invited him to one of our meetings? Should Alan have presented it to him
>> before we went to council? Should Bob have been our advocate?
>> There's also a format/detail issue. The public art committee developed a
>> broad stroke plan and the manager took that plan and presented it to
>> Council along with an implementation plan. We, on the other hand,
>> developed a plan that is very specific and presented it to Council
>> without any conversation with the manager. We expected someone (Bob or
>> the manager) to endorse our detailed plan and add dates/costs to each of
>> our tasks. But we didn't take into consideration the issues Bob felt
>> needed to be addressed in the upcoming year. So he created his own plan,
>> using some of our issues and not others. Somehow we need to figure out
>> how to meld those two plans and figure out what we do when there is not
>> agreement between committee and staff.
>> Terri
>> Gregg Gerdau wrote:
>>> Ralph and All,
>>> Many of us have been wondering the same thoughts about Council and
>>> Manager feedback.  Some research was done by Terri, who cites the
>>> following example.  Although perhaps a less complicated subject, these
>>> offer some guidance and templates for discussion:
>>>     Here's an example of what we need to do with the Technology Plan -
>>>     Plan submitted by Public Art Commission:
>>>     _http://townhall.townofchapelhill.org/agendas/ca050523/4i1-Chapel%20
>>>     Hill%20Public%20Arts%20Commission%20Report%20and%20Recommendations%2
>>>     0on%202005-2006%20Annual%20Public%20Art%20Plan.htm_  (Text rather
>>>     than spreadsheet, linked to capital improvement plans--in other
>>>     words integrated with other Town planning process, addresses
>>>     interaction with other departments/boards, does not include all the
>>>     detail that our plan has)
>>>     Managers recommendation/resolution for adopting the plan:
>>>     _http://townhall.townofchapelhill.org/agendas/ca050523/4i2-Recommend
>>>     ed%202005-06%20Public%20Art%20Plan.htm_  (defines the details--such
>>>     as the scope of the commission's input, budget, etc.)
>>> Thanks for feedback on the opening dialogue.  Keep 'em coming!
>>> Gregg
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>>>     Gregg,
>>>     One area of concern I have had for sometime is that we rarely have
>>>     any direct feedback from the Council regarding reactions to those
>>>     things that have been proposed.  I would like to see some sort of
>>>     mechanism put in place that documents the Council's reactions to our
>>>     proposals so we have a better idea of how to proceed going forward.
>>>     We should have a collaborative relationship that aids both sides in
>>>     doing what is best for our citizenry.
>>>     Ralph
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>>>         Meeting
>>>         Good Morning,
>>>         The agenda for our regular meeting on Tuesday evening was posted
>>>         on the Town's web site here
>>>         <http://www.townofchapelhill.org/ABC/agendas/technologyagenda.ht
>>>         m>. The text of the agenda is coped below, for your convenience.
>>>         I understand that several other Council Members, including Mark
>>>         Kleinschmidt, may also attend.  This promises to be a most
>>>         informative meeting and I trust you will be able to attend (I
>>>         know Brandon Perkins is away on business).
>>>         As I mentioned in yesterday's preview message, I would like to
>>>         know your thoughts on what you would like to learn from the
>>>         Mayor and Manager in advance, as I prepare a brief introductory
>>>         message. This is "listen and learn time" to help achieve our
>>>         Committee's mission and purposes.
>>>         -Gregg
>>>         ----------------------------------------------------------------
>>>         --------
>>>             Town of Chapel Hill
>>>             Chapel Hill Technology Committee Regular Meeting
>>>                     Tuesday, June 21, 2005
>>>                     5:30 ?7:00 p.m.
>>>                     Town Hall Training Room
>>>            1. Additions to Agenda - Chair (2 min)
>>>            2. Recognition of citizens present to discuss items not on
>>>               Agenda - Chair (3 min)
>>>            3. Introduction of new Committee Members ? Chair (3 min)
>>>                   * Martha Hoylman
>>>                   * Allan Polak
>>>                   * Brian Russell
>>>                   * David Lewis
>>>            4. Recognition of Ralph Beisner’s reappointment for a second
>>>               3-year term ? Chair (1 min)
>>>            5. Introduction of Mayor Kevin Foy, Council Member Mark
>>>               Kleinschmidt and Town Manager Cal Horton ? Chair (40 min)
>>>                   * Introduction of current committee members present ?
>>>                     Chair
>>>                   * Discussion with Mayor and Manager regarding their
>>>                     view of Technology Committee’s role in Town
>>>                     Government - Chair
>>>            6. Approval of May 17, 2005 Meeting minutes - Chair (3 min)
>>>            7. Report from Staff ? Bob Avery (10 min)
>>>                   * Budget Progress Update
>>>                   * Update on Open Source Pilot Project
>>>                   * Status of the CivicPlus Web Project
>>>            8. Smart Card presentation by CH Parking Services ? Brenda
>>>               Jones (15 min)
>>>            9. Mayor and Council's referral for a follow-up report by the
>>>               Manager and Technology Committee of a citizen’s
>>>               recommendation to create a wireless Internet access
>>>               environment in the Northside neighborhood and make old
>>>               computers available for use by persons who otherwise would
>>>               not have access to computers and the Internet. - Chair (8
>>>               min)
>>>           10. Other Business added to agenda - Chair (5 min)
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