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Thu Jun 16 00:29:37 EDT 2005

On tonight's (June 15th) Council Business Meeting Agenda,  Item 15(a)2 was a
recommendation from Council Members Wiggins and Greene to act on a citizen's
recommendation to create a wireless Internet access environment in the
Northside neighborhood and make old computers available for use by persons
who otherwise would not have access to computers and the Internet. "We
believe this idea merits further consideration and could be of value in both
the Northside and Pine Knolls neighborhoods." wrote the Council Members. 

The discussion was brief, but Mayor Foy said "it's a good idea" and made a
motion to refer it to the Manager for a follow-up report. Council Member JIM
WARD stepped in and said "and the Technology Committee?" and Mayor Foy said
"yes, and the Technology Committee". The motion passed unanimously.

This links to the whole document:

Thank you, JIM WARD!

Bob Avery - we must include this on the June 21st TC Agenda being published
tomorrow...I will send over an amended draft.

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