[Chtechcomm] Notes from 12-20-05 meeting

Terri Buckner tbuckner at ibiblio.org
Wed Dec 21 16:45:50 EST 2005

For those who missed last night's IT meeting, here are the quick notes 
Bob Avery sent to the manager.

The Chapel Hill Technology Committee held a regularly scheduled meeting 
on December 20, 2005.  In attendance were members: Ralph Beisner, Aris 
Buinevicius, Gregg Gerdeau (Chair), Steve Irving, Uzoma Nwosu, Allan 
Polak, and Brian Russell. Members absent were: Terri Buckner 
(Vice-Chair), Evelyn Daniel, Jeremy Collins, Martha Holylman, David 
Lewis, Brandon Perkins, and Will Raymond. Staff members present were: 
Bob Avery, and Arek Kempinski. Visitors present were Walker Rutherford, 
and David Logan.

Gregg Gerdeau called the meeting to order at 5:45 PM and noted that a 
quorum was not present to conduct business. He proposed that the meeting 
continue as there were two informational briefings that did not require 
any Committee action. The members present agreed and the meeting continued.

Gregg Gerdeau briefed the Committee on a presentation given by 
representatives of Knowledge Network Solutions to the Town Information 
Technology Department staff and several members of the Technology 
Committee earlier in the month. The presentation addressed ways to 
utilize web based solutions to enhance community education and use of 
the Internet.

 Gregg Gerdeau also discussed a draft PowerPoint presentation to update 
the Town Council on the wireless Internet initiative that has been 
discussed in previous Committee meetings. He indicated that he had been 
invited to discuss the wireless initiatives with the Town Council at the 
Council Retreat in January.

 Bob Avery briefed the Committee about several technology related items 
being undertaken by the Town staff.

 The next regular meeting is scheduled on January 17, 2006.

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