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Thanks Joel,

Do you get 183 cable television channels? Madness!

It's interesting that asymetry in service is still
considered "de rigeur" here while the rest of the world
has zoomed ahead with symetric service. BTW, latest
survey shows we've dropped to 29th ranked in BB service.

Imagine the fertile economic fields available when
we're up to 2005 South Korean standards of symetric
20Mbps - you could run your own services straight
from home. Speaking of S. Korea, did you see where
they plan to have 10M WiBro (WiMax/mobile device
spec.) users by 2007?  If we do
this muni-network initiative as half-effectively as
South Korea, maybe one day soon we can advertise Chapel Hill
as being a small top ten world ranked tech enclave.


> It's not *quite* that bad Will...I do have TW for phone, cable (but no
> premiums), internet...
> I pay about $165/mo, but the RR data service is 5MB down (equal) but
> you are right, it's only about 400Kbps up...
> Symmetric connections are good...
> This would be a nice deal ;-)
> On 12/7/05, chtechboard at willraymond.org <chtechboard at willraymond.org>
> wrote:
>> Burlington Vt. goes live with their municipally-owned network.
>> http://www.burlingtontelecom.com/
>> Burlington uses a pay-for-play model run by the municipality, a model
>> a bit different than what I've suggested but at least they're
>> getting it done.
>> For $130 per month you get:
>> - 183 cable channels, including all the premiums
>> - unlimited local and long distance phone service
>> - 5 megabit per second broadband - upstream and downstream
>> I don't have cable but if I did my costs for 1/5th the
>> download/1/10th the upload speed broadband, same phone
>> service and cable from Time-Warner in Chapel Hill would
>> be $170.
>> And, of course, all profits from Burlington are recycled into
>> the system to offer better service.
>> Will
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