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Joel Dunn joel at jdunns.com
Thu Dec 8 09:19:22 EST 2005

It's not *quite* that bad Will...I do have TW for phone, cable (but no
premiums), internet...

I pay about $165/mo, but the RR data service is 5MB down (equal) but
you are right, it's only about 400Kbps up...

Symmetric connections are good...

This would be a nice deal ;-)

On 12/7/05, chtechboard at willraymond.org <chtechboard at willraymond.org> wrote:
> Burlington Vt. goes live with their municipally-owned network.
> http://www.burlingtontelecom.com/
> Burlington uses a pay-for-play model run by the municipality, a model
> a bit different than what I've suggested but at least they're
> getting it done.
> For $130 per month you get:
> - 183 cable channels, including all the premiums
> - unlimited local and long distance phone service
> - 5 megabit per second broadband - upstream and downstream
> I don't have cable but if I did my costs for 1/5th the
> download/1/10th the upload speed broadband, same phone
> service and cable from Time-Warner in Chapel Hill would
> be $170.
> And, of course, all profits from Burlington are recycled into
> the system to offer better service.
> Will

+ Joel Dunn
+ joel at jdunns.com

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