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Steve Irving wsirving at morgancreek.net
Tue Aug 30 15:59:30 EDT 2005

Terri and all,


I spent the weekend contemplating whether it would be productive to respond
to your latest salvo (Fri 8/26/2005 10:32 AM) in support of deleting the
supposedly non-existent UNC message archive dating back to 2001. Although
I'm still not convinced this will be productive by any conceivable measure,
the tipping point came when I went back to the UNC listserv site and found
that ch-tech-advisory no longer exists.


You stated (Fri 8/26/2005 10:32 AM):



According to the UNC technician assigned to the data recovery question, "The
ch-tech-advisory list is set to keep archives for only one day. Since
messages older than one day would automatically be purged each night, there
are no messages past that one day archive we'd have."


This report is consistent with my own investigation of the UNC list
archiving capabilities ...



First, is this anonymous technician willing to come forward and discuss the
issue? I would like to know the basis for the "one day" comment, and how
this squares with the actual existence of an archive which far exceeded one
day. I would also like to know whether there is any likelihood that the
recovery will succeed and whether the recent disappearance of our forum is a
part of the recovery process or an indication that the towel has been thrown


Second, your own investigation of the UNC List archiving capabilities does
not appear to have been terribly thorough, or included the simple steps
provided in my earlier message (Thu 8/25/2005 8:36 PM), or made use of your
resources - such as the Anonymous Technician - at UNC.


You go on to state (Fri 8/26/2005 10:32 AM):



If Steve found a full archive of the UNC list, I applaud his technical
skills and feel sure the UNC staff would be interested in knowing where
their archiving process is faulty.



No special technical skills were required (although I appreciate you
compliment and its thinly-veiled sarcasm), and I have not alleged any fault
in their archiving process, which seems to me to have worked just fine until
immediately after the messages were deleted.


Last Wednesday evening, before the messages were deleted from the UNC
listserv, I took a snapshot of the cover page of the message archive. This
can now be viewed at
http://www.morgancreek.net/tc_unc_listserv/Messages.htm, and I hope it will
be useful in clearing up the misconceptions you and the Anonymous Technician


My thanks to all for your forbearance, and apologies to any who find this to
be an unproductive rant.





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