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Steve Irving wsirving at morgancreek.net
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Terri and all,


To see where the archive of old messages used to be, go to
http://mail.unc.edu/lists, type ch-tech-advisory in the text box beneath
"Visit or Manage a Single List" and click the visit button beneath the text


This will take you to http://lists.unc.edu/read/?forum=ch-tech-advisory.


This feature is available for any of the public lists and for any of the
private lists to which you belong. Try, for instance,







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The old listserv is still available. I've never seen where the old 

messages can be viewed over the web. Would you please share the URL with 

the group?




Steve Irving wrote:

> Terri,


> Has any consideration been given to migrating, copying or otherwise

> retaining and archiving the messages on the UNC listserv?? I can see

> archived messages there going back to January 2001, as well as Will's post

> earlier today regarding the new web site.


> I have used this archive as a resource in the past to explore historical

> issues and background and I would like to have the option of continuing to

> do so. 


> Also, there may be public record issues associated with these messages.


> Please advise.


> Thanks,


> Steve



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