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Whatever work remains to be done, you and your staff have made great strides
on this project and your efforts are appreciated.


A few comments and observations .


On the Technology Committee page


The updated roster is nice to see. (Am I the only one surprised to see that
we have a vacancy?? Maybe that's what I get for missing a meeting and I
should be glad it's not my seat.)


The agenda link does not work, as Gregg has already noted. Also, the generic
naming of this link (/ABC/agendas/technologyagenda.htm) makes me wonder
whether we will be able to maintain (or ever have maintained) historical
agendas for future reference, online search and other purposes.


It is also nice to see the "Enabling Legislation" section at the bottom of
the page, but the link to Resolution 98-3-23/R15 goes to the 98-4-6 Council
minutes, in which one must search for Resolution 98-4-6/R-10 to find the
origin of our current incarnation. I could not locate a Resolution
98-3-23/R-15 anywhere.


Regarding News Releases (http://townofchapelhill.org/index.asp?NID=671):


There appear to be only very recent news releases on the site. Is there a
plan to bring forward historical information or to forward old links to
their new address?? I encountered this when trying to link from the Orange
Politics discussion of the web site makeover to the original news release
earlier this year. The old link is


Regarding the search function:


Both standard and advanced searches for "wireless" return no results, yet
this word appears in the strategic plan presented to Council on March 23,
2005. Could this be because the Council agendas and their attachments are on
the "townhall" server??


Congratulations, again, and I hope the Town will find a way to publicize
this development and generate some citizen interest as well. Perhaps in this
Sunday's TownWeek feature??









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