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Bob Avery ravery at townofchapelhill.org
Wed Aug 24 19:24:00 EDT 2005

To all,


As follow-on to the message I sent to the Manager and forwarded by Will,
I'll add a few more details about the web site.


I have shifted the server addresses so that the new web site will be
active. It will take between 24-72 hours for the full DNS replication.
The old site will remain active so users should not get a "not found"
Hopefully you will see the new site by Thursday morning.


We incorporated as much into the new site as we could. A couple of
department sites hosted on other servers will remain active for a while
(Library is on a server at the Library and Parks/Rec is on another
commercial server). Transit is the last required resource still on the
old server (Road Runner server).  The transit information is being
migrated so we can abandon the Road Runner server; this should be done
by the weekend but the information will be available on the old site
until it is shifted. Key item here is to keep bus route info available


The "townhall" server remains the location for Council agenda and
minutes. At the moment, the web site search does not tap this. The
composite search server (a linux server operating at Town Hall) will
bridge the gap and should be active in a few days. (A necessary delay to
let the DNS settle out.)


One of the goals in the process was to develop the ability for
departments to contribute and where possible make immediate updates.
This is proceeding well. We have a good group of departmental reps and
good support within IT (Bill Rehm) to make it work.


Hope you like the new look.




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