[Chtechcomm] WiFi info

Terri Buckner tbuckner at ibiblio.org
Tue Aug 23 16:57:07 EDT 2005


I'll leave the technological aspects of municipal WiFi to Will. As to 
the 'background decision to implement wifi/, it doesn't exist. Here's my 
take on the background. Others may see it differently.

We have been charged with working with DEDC and others to investigate 
the feasibility of pursuing WiFi (as a result of petitions found at:
http://townhall.townofchapelhill.org/agendas/ca050627/, item #3a).

The initial public call for a downtown wifi initiative came from members 
of DEDC back in late winter/early spring. As far as I can tell, that 
public call was prompted more by keeping up with Carrboro than any 
concrete expectations for how such an initiative could be structured or 
would benefit Chapel Hill.


Allan Polak wrote:

> Will/Terri,
> Could you please point me, and other interested
> parties, in the direction of info regarding not only
> the technological aspects of municipal WiFi
> (networking), but also background concerning the
> decision to implement WiFi in Chapel Hill according to
> the criteria discussed last week.
> Thank you,
> Allan Polak
> --- Will R <chtechboard at yahoo.com> wrote:
>>CC is using a mix of WiMax, Wifi and fibre for their
>>cloud.  An interesting cost
>>driver is the savings in reading gas and electric
>>That aside, I've included the article mainly because
>>it shows a stoplight mounted
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