[Chtechcomm] Corpus Christi Muni-Cloud

Terri Buckner tbuckner at ibiblio.org
Mon Aug 22 09:00:35 EDT 2005

Thanks Will. I don't recall that we have ever had a substantive 
discussion about all the ways in which wifi can be used around town. 
These uses could also bring in additional funding partners.

Wifi and meter reading: http://www.tropos.com/applications/WMR.html

Wifi and parking meters: 

Wifi and bus routes:

Wifi and real estate sales:

I'm sure there are many more applications.


Will R wrote:

> CC is using a mix of WiMax, Wifi and fibre for their cloud.  An interesting cost
> driver is the savings in reading gas and electric meters.
> That aside, I've included the article mainly because it shows a stoplight mounted
> unit.
> http://www.joejava.com/citychristeneddigital.htm
> Will
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