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Martha, et. al.,


Gregg and I both attended the DEDC Board meeting Wednesday morning. Here are
some observations and comments 


Attending DEDC Board members were: Nancy Suttenfield (Vice-Chair,
presiding), Tom Tucker, Roger Perry, Allen Fine, Lex Alexander (perhaps one
other - there were no introductions)

Absent DEDC Board members: Kevin Foy, Andrea Rohrbacher, perhaps others (the
list of board members on the web site is out of date)

DEDC Staff: Liz Parham, Executive Director

Public and press: Lisa Hoppenjans, reporter for The Chapel Hill News; Pat
Evans, Friends of Downtown Chapel Hill; Terry Mellville, entrepreneur; Gregg
Gerdau, Steve Irving and others


The meeting proceeded according to the agenda (Martha – I could not locate
the agenda on line. Please supply a link if you have it.) and initially
focused on financial issues. There was a discussion of changing DEDC’s
fiscal year end from 12/31 to 6/30 in order to match both the Town’s and
UNC’s FYE. Liz presented a series of financial and operational
recommendations which were approved. 


There was much discussion regarding the approaching Memorial Hall re-opening
and preparations in the downtown area, including displaying banners along
the street and general cleanup. See Herald-Sun article:




Lex suggested that some of the empty storefronts could be filled with
informational or cultural displays and the board charged Liz with making the
appropriate inquiries. 


During Liz’s discussion of her work plan for the next 4 months, there was no
mention of downtown wireless. 


During the citizen comment part of the meeting, Pat inquired whether DEDC
would be conducting any sort of “welcome back students” campaign such as has
been done by the (now defunct) Downtown Commission in the past. No such
effort is under way, although Gregg offered to engage local Boy Scouts to
assist should it develop. There was a discussion of grants to local
businesses to clean up/improve/light storefronts and concern expressed about
local flooding vis-à-vis the storm water tax.


Gregg presented the Board with the TC’s Mission and Purposes statement and a
copy of the Manager’s 2000 electronic meetings memo, informing them that the
TC is in the process of developing a best practice for electronic
collaboration of public bodies. We both inquired about DEDC’s interest and
role in providing wireless internet connectivity downtown, elaborated on the
current referrals from Council, discussed other community requirements
(North Side / Pine Knolls), advised of the TC’s monthly meetings and offered
the TC’s assistance and cooperation on this and any other technology matters
DEDC may address.


Our attendance and participation was generally appreciated by all, and we
were specifically and enthusiastically thanked by Liz, Lex, Pat and others
following the meeting.






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Never mind - it was this morning...sorry, didn't read carefully.


But, did anyone go???





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I can't find a phone listing (is there such a thing?) so I'm sending an
email.  There's a DEDC meeting tonight, Wednesday, August 10 at 7:30 at the
Midway Business Center.  The general meeting agenda includes a financial
report, an executive director's report, a draft plan of work for the next
three months, and a request for the corporation and downtown merchants to
collaborate with the university on showcasing downtown Chapel Hill for the
Memorial Hall reopening weekend.


No mention of the downtown internet access initiatives, unless they are
included in the work plan.


Perhaps some of us can make it to introduce ourselves, listen to the
discussion, and report back?




Martha A. Hoylman

308 Telluride Trail

Chapel Hill NC 27514

919-933-4449 (home)

919-949-3958 (cell)

martha at pobox.com



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