[Chtechcomm] Broadband Investment and Consumer Choice Act pending Federal legislation

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Here's an interesting article on how Philly's muni-network plans seem to have finally spurred the
monopolists to start providing service.


The article mentions this report on the current state of muni-networking:


Here's the article:

As if to faceoff with Wireless Philadelphia, the planned city-wide WiFi network, Cingular
Wireless, the country's largest wireless provider, today announced it will invest more than $200
million this year in the Greater Philadelphia area - including turning on-air approximately 140
new cell sites. Nationwide, the company is spending more than $6 billion dollars on its ALLOVER
network, the nation's largest digital voice and data network.

"Better wireless coverage and performance is exactly what Cingular is delivering in more places
than ever before in metropolitan Philadelphia, central and northeastern Pennsylvania and
Delaware," said Glen Robinson, Cingular's Executive Director Network Services, Greater

"We have also boosted network capacity by approximately 30% over the last six months so that our
customers experience fewer dropped calls whether they're using their Cingular service at home, at
work or on vacation." So far this year, Cingular has turned on more than 55 new cell sites in the
Greater Philadelphia area.

Meanwhile, Verizon now has 500,000 subscribers for EV-DO compared to its 40 or so million voice
subscribers. Sprint's just released EV-DO pricing is $80 unlimited, but it also offers a $40 plan
for 40 megabytes that is capped at $90 if users exceed their quota.

Philadelphia, also the corporate home of Comcast, is building a huge municipal Wifi network, and
should decide on a company in the next few days.

Meanwhile, The Muniwireless Second Anniversary Report is out. You can download it here (PDF

The Report contains a list of municipalities around the world that have deployed or are about to
deploy citywide wireless broadband networks. In addition to the list are tables that show how much
they are spending on their networks, what applications they are using and the business models they
are implementing to meet their goals. 

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