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Wednesday, March 31
Pink Flag    (
Sisters    (
So Cow    ( )
Just Friends    (
2702 Lawndale, Durham

Another in Craig's hot streak of house shows. Here's what he says:

SO COW put out one of my favorite LP's last year - his S/T debut on the 
always-good Tic Tac Totally label. It's perfect lo-fi power pop from 
start to finish! For fans of Television Personalities, Modern Lovers, 
etc. The new LP is out now and So Cow is finally touring south and 
playing NC!!! DON'T miss out!

SISTERS describe themselves as a "guitar/vocal and drums two piece out 
of the Death by Audio music collective in Brooklyn. Aaron Pfannebecker 
sings and plays guitars. Matt Conboy is the drummer, keyboard player. 
Sisters is rock pop collage with garage fallout." Sounds about right!

JUST FRIENDS is a brand new Durham band featuring ex-members of The Fake 
Accents/Face Accidents, Puberty and possibly some other bands i'm 
leaving out... The Fake Accents were the very FIRST band to play here at 
the house a couple years back! Can't wait to see/hear what these kids 
have in store!! //

Wednesday, March 31
Workday/School Night
Casual Curious    (
The Pinhook, Durham

Wednesday, March 31
Actual Persons (Living or Dead) 
Cougar Poacher
Nightlight, Chapel Hill

Dave Cantwell says:

If you're into a Wednesday-nite throwdown, come on out to CHADSTOCK. 
This is a party for/by Chad Byrne (from Robo Sapien) at Nightlight 
tomorrow nite (3/31). Chad is back in town for a little while, at least, 
and put together a little party for all!!


Chad himself with Cougar Poacher (Chad singing songs and playing 
mandolin, backed by Laura King [from the Moaners] on drums!)

A special duo version of Actual Persons Living or Dead (Joyce is in Iowa 
for this one, but Chad really wanted us to do something--and we really 
wanted to do something. So, we're putting together a special little set 
of APLOD songs [and other stuff] that the two of us can play!)

"Freaky" Charlie Hearon (I have no idea what Charlie will do. Each time 
I see him perform, I'm surprised. I expect to be again...)

Wednesday, March 31
O God the White Whale    (
Junior Astronomers    (
Local 506, Chapel Hill

Thursday, April 1
Carolina Chocolate Drops    (
Katharine Whalen's Parlour Folk Troupe 
Cat's Cradle, Carrboro

Sold-out show for the increasingly high-profile Chocolate Drops (likely 
an inevitability, with or without the support of their new label 
Nonesuch). They bring a freshness to old-time string-band music that a 
lot of other groups seem to shoot for & miss.

Thursday, April 1
Ben Davis + The Jetts    (
I Was Totally Destroying It 
Today the Moon, Tomorrow the Sun 
The Pinhook, Durham

Ben Davis has assembled his best Jetts yet with this current lineup; 
their new album, "Charge It Up!" is a well-paced slice of punchy postpunk.

Thursday, April 1
919Noise Showcase
Nightlight, Chapel Hill

The lineup for this month's 919Noise Showcase includes Zeke Graves, 
Kristian Weeks & Sydney Kote

Thursday, April 1
Nuclear Power Pants    (
Lonnie Walker    (
Tir Na Nog, Raleigh

This is the weekly Local Bands, Local Beers show.

Friday, April 2
Luego    (
Brett Harris
Bright Young Things
Nightlight, Chapel Hill

This is a CD-release party for Brett Harris's new CD, "Man of Few 
Words." It makes good on the promise of his earlier EPs, and then some. 
The songwriting & arranging both showcase Brett's obvious love for 
classic [post-Beatles] pop songwriting (I hear a little George Harrison, 
a little ELO, a little John Sebastian). Thanks to his collaboration with 
occasional Roman Candle member Jeff Crawford, I hear some obvious 
similarities to RC as well.

The whole thing is anchored by some fine fine organ playing, as well as 
Brett's clear & confident singing voice. Highly recommended if you like 
straight-up, intelligent pop music.

Friday, April 2
Red Collar    (
River City Ransom    (
Last Year's Men    (
Broad Street Cafe, Durham

Yet another Durham head-to-head night of tough rock decisions. In this 
corner, it's the hardest-working band in the Triangle, Red Collar, along 
with brand-new Churchkey Records signees Last Year's Men.

Friday, April 2
Spider Bags    (
Dry Heathens    (
The Pinhook, Durham

And in this corner, the 7" release party for the awesome new Spider Bags 
single, "A Dog in the Snow," which finally comes pretty damn close to 
capturing the true sloppy chaos of their live show. They're joined by 
Churchkey Records' flagship band the Dry Heathens.

Friday, April 2
House of Fools    (
Josh Moore    (
BJ Barham
Local 506, Chapel Hill

Friday, April 2
Double Negative    (
No Friends    (
Deep Sleep    (
Pollution    (
Pour House, Raleigh

The first of two Double Negative/Pollution pairings this weekend (yr 
second chance comes tomorrow afternoon at Ah Peele).

Saturday, April 3
Double Negative    (
Pollution    (
Mad World
Ah! Peele Screenprinting and Art Gallery, Raleigh

This is a good old-fashioned hardcore matinee, which means it starts at 
2:00, like for reals. Since it's a hardcore show, if you try to show up 
fashionably late, you're liable to miss 4/5 of the show.

Saturday, April 3
Maple Stave    (
Tartufi    (
The Bronzed Chorus    (
Broad Street Cafe, Durham

Bronzed Chorus are from Greensboro; they're a gtr/drums/keyboard 
instrumental duo. Maple Stave you know by now, I assume.

Saturday, April 3
The Dynamite Brothers    (
Pinche Gringo    (
Heron    (
Reservoir, Carrboro

Saturday, April 3
Brett Harris
Bright Young Things
It's Just Vanity    (
Slim's Downtown, Raleigh

It's Raleigh's turn to host a Brett Harris CD-release party.

Sunday, April 4
Yeasayer    (
Javelin    (
Cat's Cradle, Carrboro

Monday, April 5
Ted Leo + Pharmacists    (
Screaming Females    (
Pink Flag    (
Cat's Cradle, Carrboro

Monday, April 5
MC Frontalot    (
Brandon Patton    (
Local 506, Chapel Hill

Tuesday, April 6
South Memphis String Band    (
Berkeley Cafe, Raleigh

The South Memphis String Band are, apparently:

Luther Dickinson (North Mississippi All Stars)
Jimbo Mathus (Squirrel Nut Zippers)
& Alvin Youngblood Hart (Grammy-Winning Bluesman)

Tuesday, April 6
Mitch Easter    (
Birds of Avalon    (
Citay    (
Local 506, Chapel Hill

Tuesday, April 6
The Winter Sounds    (
Reservoir, Carrboro

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