Secondhand Freespace - Book Smart! - Tonight at Local 506

Glenn Boothe / Local 506 glennscottboothe at
Wed Jan 20 12:04:57 EST 2010

The next installment of Secondhand Freespace will focus on the
daunting task of booking a tour.  It takes place tonight at Local 506.

Doors open at 7pm
Panel starts at 9pm

Our panel is made up of veteran band members who have intimately
experienced the booking and touring process and will share their
pearls with you.

The Panelists are:
Django Haskings - The Old Ceremony
James Helpler - I Was Totally Destroying It/Sorry About Dresdent
Jason Kutchma - Red Collar
Emma Nadeau - Lost in the Trees
Moderator: Eleni Vlachos (Beloved Binge)

The objective of "Secondhand Freespace" is to break down and de-
mystify various aspects of the music industry by tapping into the
wealth of knowledge that currently exists throughout the state of
North Carolina. Each forum will consist of a panel discussion on a
specific music-related topic (such as booking, recording, publicity,
production, or distribution) and the panel will consist of people who
operate in that area of the industry.

In addition to the general discussion, a Q&A section will follow each
panel to provide more specific insight.

Additionally, each forum will include networking opportunities to meet
both the panelists and other participants. The overall goal of the
night is to not only have people learn more about an area of the
industry, but hopefully meet like-minded individuals who can they can
continue to share ideas with after the forum has ended.

Here is more info about tonight's panelists:


Eleni (=93Binge=94) Vlachos is a writer, drummer, vegan cooker-baker,
filmmaker, question-asker, and activist. She debuted her first
documentary, Seeing Through the Fence, in 2008, and subsequently
toured with both the film and her band, Beloved Binge, for 10 months.
She secured 150 bookings at universities and other venues nationwide,
then promoted the entire tour DIY-style, subsequently receiving over
25 articles/features/press mentions.
More: /  / //


Django Haskins leads The Old Ceremony, who have toured the US and
Canada constantly over the past five and a half years and developed
connoisseurial instinct for gas stations restrooms, health food
stores, and floor space. Django has also booked solo tours in Europe
and the US while living in NYC. TOC now works with a booking agency,
The Agency Group, which strangely doesn't lift nearly as much of the
time demands of booking as one might think.

James Hepler tried to book his first Cat's Cradle show in 1989 at age
sixteen. He booked his first actual show at the Cat's Cradle in 1997
with Sorry About Dresden. Since then he has booked multiple tours and
toured the country time and again with Sorry About Dresden, Erie
Choir, and I Was Totally Destroying It, satisfying his unquenchable
thirst for urban decay and gastro-intestinal distress. He remembers
trying to book shows before the internet was around and might at some
point politely urge you to remove yourself from his lawn.

Jason Kutchma leads the band Red Collar who recently quit their jobs
and toured relentlessly, booking their own shows across the country,
garnering press and interviews along the way. He has blogged
extensively about the tour foibles and hilarities at

Emma Nadeau has been playing in and booking for Trekky Records bands
since 2006. She has played and toured with Lost in the Trees and
Auxiliary House, and booked many a tour for both of those bands, as
well as The Never and Endless Mic.


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