Small Engine Repair Person?

Timothy OToole totoole26 at
Thu Feb 4 13:32:39 EST 2010

Hey Jason this is Tim. Is the engine just not turning when you crank it?. Are the fluids not getting to where they need to get to. Check to see if valves or sealants need to be replaced. Have you tried changing the plug. Could be something simple. my neighbor tinkers with engines a lot. He fixed my riding mower, my weed wacker, and my push mower. He is always tinkering with stuff. But most likely those small engines these days are built pretty well that most likely it is something small that you could fix on your own. Tell everyone I said hi. I hear Kim is about to pop. when is she due. 

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Subject: Small Engine Repair Person?
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Date: Wednesday, February 3, 2010, 11:47 PM

I have a Tomahawk Mulcher/Shredder that is in need of repair.  It has
a lawnmower engine in it and needs moderate to serious rehab.  Does
anyone know a repair person that runs a business out of their garage?
Not quite looking for a professional.  I checked around and a lot of
the professionals have a $150 'just to see' fee.
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