The Broad Street Cafe in Durham - LOTS of FREE Music!

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Wednesday May 13
=95 8P Continuum Blues Jam
Come out to the Blues Jam every other Wednesday sponsored by Continuum
Consulting Services.  Butch Haas will be facilitating this free-to-the-
public jam. So bring your gear, sign up for a time, and jam with some
of Durham=92s finest! Drums, keyboard, bass, guitar and harp amps

Thursday May 14
=95 8P Kirk Farmer from Last Minute Band (acoustic)
=95 10P The Fustics (americana/rock)

Friday May 15
=95 8P The Xeno Yuzna Band (rock/acoustic/metal)
An accomplished performance musician and recording artist, Xeno Yuzna
is a North Carolina native who has been steady at work developing his
musical artistry since 1989. He has a broad range of musical talent
tucked into his portfolio. Classical, Flamenco, and Jazz are just a
few. You'll also find him playing styles as diverse as Rock, Hip-hop,
Reggae, Blues, Jam and Fusion in intimate, personal settings or at
larger venues with his group, the XYB. Xeno's original music is a
blended hybrid style. Searing solos are tempered with soaring
melodies. Clean, syncopated rhythms are laced with soulful vocals that
can switch instantly into a rapid-fire barrage of lyrical explosion.
=95 10P Mixed Greenz (indie/jam)
It has been said that learning to fly is simple as mastering the knack
of throwing yourself at the ground...and missing! With a leap of faith
and skilled avoidance of the ground, Mixed Greenz soars every time
they play, navigating song, dance and life. Just another jam band?
We venture that Mixed GreenZ is closer to a living experiment in
Shouldering Improvisation, freedom to create and a determination to
have fun, Mixed GreenZ shepherds much more than the sum of their
alchemy on stage... Stride through your Life and Bask in the Glow!

Saturday May 16
=95 8P Scott Downes (singer/songwriter)
Scott Downes has been writing songs and playing them for 20 years. He
had the great luck at an early age to hear himself on a few college
radio stations, and he decided that this whole music thing was going
to be terribly easy. Life is full of surprises.
   At this point, Scott will be quite happy to finish an album he can
be proud of. To that end, he=92s digging through his past to find his
favorite musical co-conspirators and get them to record some of these
new songs with him.
  While living in North Carolina, he played with bands with all sorts
of crazy names like the Crispin & Thigpen Experience, Carnival of
Fears, The Hands, and The Snake Oil Salesmen. These days, he doesn=92t
play under any silly name other than his own.
  Scott now lives in Atlanta with his wife, his two little boys, and
his various stringed instruments.
=95 10P Flava (contemporary jazz/r&b/pop)

Sunday May 17
=95 7P Aaron Mills Project - Sunday Night Jazz
Starting at 7, Open Jam at 9
If you are in any way a fan of jazz, this is not to be missed !!!
Aaron Mills, best known as the audacious bassist of classic funk act
Cameo,  has inspired a generation of groovy musicians, but his long
time love affair with jazz has inspired The Aaron Mills Project.
Aaron has been playing at the Cafe for a few months now, along with
Wayne Kee, Bobby Hinton, Warren Fraizer and others. Aaron has brought
Sunday night jazz back to the Cafe in a format that includes a cast of
regulars as well as featured guest musicians every week. Towards the
end of the evening, the night becomes an open jam, so, if anyone wants
to come blow their horn....

The Broad Street Cafe
1116 Broad Street
Durham, NC  27705

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