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Monday, May 4
The Pains of Being Pure at Heart 
Zaza    (
Local 506, Chapel Hill

Tuesday, May 5
Black Skies    (
Big Business    (
Tweakbird    (
Cat's Cradle, Carrboro

Thursday, May 7
Pneurotics    (
Sea Cow
The Pinhook, Durham

12:00 - Sea Cow
11:00 - The Pneurotics
10:00 - Honcho

Thursday, May 7
Prabir and the Substitutes    (
Embarrassing Fruits    (
Tir Na Nog, Raleigh

This is the weekly Local Bands, Local Beers show at Tir Na nOg, although 
Prabir & the Substitutes are from up around Richmond. Embarrassing 
Fruits' new LP, Community/Exploitation, puts a little distance between 
them and the Pavement comparisons they used to get. Still hear some 
Sebadoh/Dinosaur action in there, though.

Thursday, May 7
Schooner    (
Lake Inferior    (
Aminal    (
Local 506, Chapel Hill

This is a CD-release show for a pair of new EPs from Aminal, who do a 
persuasive dirty pop-rock thing.

Thursday, May 7
Clang Quartet    (
Chaos Character
James Amoeba    (
Nightlight, Chapel Hill

Friday, May 8
Bowerbirds    (
Wes Phillips    (
La Strada
Local 506, Chapel Hill

Bowerbirds are currently touring up north. Last week they were hours 
away from crossing into Canada when their van was broken into in 
Brooklyn, and they lost laptops, iPods, books & a couple of their 
passports. There are many ways in which indie-rock tours go from 
break-even to in-the-hole propositions, and this is one of the 
shittiest. Come on out & welcome them home (and buy a t-shirt).

Friday, May 8
The Great White Jenkins    (
Hands and Knees    (
Veelee    (
The Great Nostalgic    (
Nightlight, Chapel Hill

Veelee are a new duo featuring Matthew Park (ex-Opening Flower Happy 
Bird) and Ginger Wagg. They make cool breezy pop music with a bit of an 
ominous undertone. You can download their excellent new EP from their 
website, or get a physical copy (in a fancy handmade sleeve) at the 

Friday, May 8
Gray Young    (
Battle Rockets    (
Slim's Downtown, Raleigh

Saturday, May 9
Roman Candle    (
Keegan DeWitt    (
The Deep Vibration    (
Cat's Cradle, Carrboro

This is a CD-release for the new Roman Candle CD. I've sort of lost 
track of what RC have been up to, but I can only assume their brand of 
sweet breezy southern pop is still more or less intact.

This tour is sponsored by Paste Magazine and the Cincinnati-based, which is an odd bird: formerly the commercial-alternative 
station WOXY/97X, they lost enough money that by 2004, their parent 
company sold off the license & shuttered the station. After a few months 
offline, they re-emerged as an internet-only webradio station; they 
claim they may be the first commercial radio station to go *off* the air 
& onto the internet.

Yet more amusing footnote: recently they've come back *on* the air in 
Cincinnati via HD Radio -- on the 2nd HD channel of the local public 
radio station.

Saturday, May 9
Grappling Hook    (
Le Weekend    (
Minor Stars    (
The Pinhook, Durham

The first half of this evening (7:00 - 9:30 pm) is the latest 
installment of Pinhook Arts. To wit:

Brian Howe and Ashley Howe- film
Langston Fuze- spoken word
Joanna Catherine Scott- novelist
Little Green Pig- theater
Khristian Weeks- sound performance

Then, at 10:00, the rock commences, with the Durham County album-release 
party of the AMAZING new Grappling Hook album. I've had the thing for 
the better part of a month now, and I swear to god, there have been long 
stretches when I've listened to nothing else, on repeat, over and over.

12:00 - Grappling Hook
11:00 - Le Weekend
10:00 - Minor Stars

Saturday, May 9
Dexter Romweber    (
Psychocharger    (
Joe Buck    (
Crank County Daredevils    (
Volume 11 Tavern, Raleigh

This is being billed as Trash-O-Rama 2009. The full lineup is:

Joe Buck Yourself
Crank County Daredevils
Dexter Romweber
Kings Of Hell
Memphis Morticians
The Tremors
Mean Mean Man and the Brass Knuckle Band

Saturday, May 9
The Love Language    (
Whatever Brains    (
Gross Ghost
Pour House, Raleigh

The Love Language began as a solo-recording project by ex-Capulets 
singer Stuart McLamb. Somehow, miraculously, not only did he write & 
record an excellent album, but he also arranged the songs perfectly to 
accommodate the 7-piece band he was then forced to assemble.

I can't speak firsthand, having only seen them for the first time the 
other day, but the early word on the live band was that 7 people onstage 
could get a little chaotic. Betwixt then & now, however, they've spent a 
fair amount of time on the road, and the band I saw last Friday night at 
Local 506 was loose, sure, but also self-assured, well-rehearsed, and, 
well, fucking awesome.

I'm no longer capable (if I ever was) of predicting what music is going 
to catch on with the general public, and I'm OK with that, so I won't 
say I was surprised by the enthusiasm of the audience, nor by their 
remarkable level of recall of every-single-word of every-single-song. 
But it *was* pretty goddamn exciting to see that many people -- 
particularly that many people under the age of 25, that cohort who 
supposedly download everything and fall in love with none of it -- 
singing along lustily to what is still (despite the hype, the 
feature, etc) a fairly young local band.

Saturday, May 9
Red Collar    (
Death to the Details    (
The Lights, Fluorescent    (
Local 506, Chapel Hill

The best thing about Red Collar quitting their jobs to pursue 
rock-n-roll fulltime, apart from the basic massive inspiration quotient, 
is the fact that frontman Jason Kutchma seems to have more time to write 
long philosophical ramblings on their blog.

Oh yeah: nonsmoking show. yay!

Saturday, May 9
Inspector 22
Waumiss    (
Dead Stars    (
Nightlight, Chapel Hill

Waumiss are the charming & ever-delightful popband of Clarque Blomquist 
(Kingsbury Manx, etc) & his wife Caroline.

Saturday, May 9
Embarrassing Fruits    (
Sexy Prime    (
La Snacks
Jack Sprat Cafe, Chapel Hill

Saturday, May 9
Lafcadio    (
The Whisky Smugglers
The Cave, Chapel Hill

Sunday, May 10
Nathan Oliver    (
WXDU 88.7 FM, Durham

Nathan Oliver just put out their second album, Cloud Animals, which 
delivers on all the promise of their first, and then some. Pixiesish 
frantic moments, plus a dose of that Pox World Empire lushness. 4:00 
p.m. 88.7 FM or

Sunday, May 10
Wye Oak    (
Pomegranates    (
Local 506, Chapel Hill

This is a nonsmoking show.

Sunday, May 10
Reid Johnson
Eric Sommer    (
Generationals    (
The Cave, Chapel Hill

After some time spent bumming around Europe, former Schooner bassist 
Tripp Cox landed in New Orleans, where he's currently playing in 
Generationals. They play the Cave tonight with Tripp's old bandmate, 
Schooner frontman Reid Johnson.

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