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Saturday, June 13
des_ark    (
The Strugglers    (
Mount Moriah    (
Embarrassing Fruits    (
Megafaun    (
Piedmont Biofuels, Pittsboro

This is the now-annual all-afternoon TRKfest, which gets underway around 
2:00 p.m. & includes the following artists:

Lost in the Trees
Ivan Rosebud
Embarrassing Fruits
Hammer No More The Fingers
Des Ark
Midtown Dickens
The Never
The Strugglers
Mount Moriah
Vibrant Green

In other words, it's the local-music blowout of the season. More info 

Saturday, June 13
Birds of Avalon    (
Dark Meat    (
One Man Machine    (
Local 506, Chapel Hill

If you like your rock huge & psychedelic, this is the show for you. 
BoA's new single is even more spacey than the stuff on their great OUI 
EP, but live they still bring the hammer-down dual-guitar rock action.

Saturday, June 13
Fontana    (
D-Town Brass
The Pinhook, Durham

D-Town Brass is a new large horn-based jazz/funk instrumental outfit 
from Durham. There are photos & music up on their reverbnation page . . 
. I see a lot of familiar faces in those photos:

Saturday, June 13
Fever and the Fallin' Rain    (
Son Cats
Cabinet of Natural Curiousities
Nightlight, Chapel Hill

Saturday, June 13
The Kinksmen    (
Slim's Downtown, Raleigh

Sunday, June 14
Meat Puppets    (
Retribution Gospel Choir    (
Cat's Cradle, Carrboro

Sunday, June 14
Ryan Gustafson    (
Josh Moore    (
Twelve Thousand Armies    (
Local 506, Chapel Hill

Monday, June 15
Sunset Rubdown    (
Elfin Saddle
Local 506, Chapel Hill

Monday, June 15
Eula    (
The Constellations
Pour House, Raleigh

Monday, June 15
Zee Avi
Matt Hires
Nightlight, Chapel Hill

Tuesday, June 16
Peaches    (
Drums of Death    (
Cat's Cradle, Carrboro

The fact that Peaches had a "moment" at all (in part courtesy of "Lost 
in Translation, I guess) is bizarre enough on its face that I'm inclined 
to discount it entirely . . . meaning as far as I'm concerned, she's 
still fighting the good fight to nail down her weird little corner of 
turf (and *not* riding the downhill side of the cruel cruel fame curve).

Tuesday, June 16
Eula    (
The Cave, Chapel Hill

Eula are from NY; I really like the weird Deerhoof/Mikachu pop 
dissonances in their "Fight Riff":

Tuesday, June 16
Gray Young    (
The Bronzed Chorus    (
Unit Breed
Nightlight, Chapel Hill

Bronzed Chorus are a gtr/drums/keyboards instrumental duo from the 
Triad. Gray Young are members of the ever-growing local shoegaze-revival 

Tuesday, June 16
The Cotton Jones Basket Ride 
The Antlers    (
Local 506, Chapel Hill

Wednesday, June 17
Megafaun    (
Sarah P. Duke Gardens, Durham

This summer's Duke Performances Music in the Garden series is a true 
whos-who of the most interesting/innovative local bands currently 
working. Megafaun in particular have carved out a unique niche for 
themselves, one that merges a true & deep love & appreciation for gospel 
& oldtime, with an equally deep love for improv, avant-garde music & 
musique concrete. The fact that they're able to blend all these 
disparate elements, seemingly effortlessly, is a testament to 
*something* (talent? stubbornness?). I've never seen another band win 
over an audience faster than these three wild-haired bearded dudes.

These shows begin at 7:00, and you're welcome (encouraged, even) to 
bring chairs, blankets, and picnics (but no dogs, a fact that they've 
twittered about enough to make me think they've had issues with it . . .)

Wednesday, June 17
In the Year of the Pig    (
Caltrop    (
Pontiak    (
Nightlight, Chapel Hill

The absurdity is undeniable: two of the biggest/heaviest bands in the 
Triangle, plus Virginian masters of the space/psych riff, Pontiak, all 
crammed into the 2nd-tiniest club in Chapel Hill. This is gonna go so 
far past teeth-rattling; you should prepare, as best you can, for your 
marrow to dribble out the ends of yr bones, and your cartilage to 
liquefy and puddle on the floor.

I saw Pontiak open for Harvey Milk, and I vaguely remember enjoying it 
quite a bit. Vaguely, because any specific thoughts I may have had were 
subsequently obliterated by HM.

Wednesday, June 17
John Vanderslice    (
Local 506, Chapel Hill

Thursday, June 18
Armored Uprise    (
Double Dagger    (
The Pinhook, Durham

Show of the week (possibly the month). Baltimore's Double Dagger 
recently released their third album (and first for Thrill Jockey), 
"More," and it has spent most of the past 6-8 weeks locked on repeat in 
my car CD player.

There are many things I love about this album. I love how it's like a 
catalog of "great fucking punk/indie bass tones." There's that sorta 
huge metallic tone that Laura Ballance sometimes used to get in 
Superchunk, and the bigger/rounder sorta classic fuzz/distorted bass 
tone, and this kind of earth-crushing one that I, for reasons more to do 
with personal history than anything else, associate with CopShootCop. 
And the "holy shit we're all gonna die" wall of sludge of, say, 
godheadSilo. And a really high shrill scree of overtones and 
almost-uncontrolled feedback that goes a long way towards explaining how 
a bass/drums/vox trio can sound so much, at times, like Fugazi.

Vocalist Nolen Strals mostly rants (as opposed to actually singing) and 
thus it's hard to avoid thinking about Les Savy Fav (which is not a bad 
thing). But there are moments of more matter-of-fact statement-izing, 
such as on the Big Hit "The Lie/The Truth" where he reveals the 
Minutemen influence that lies at the heart of so many great bands. Until 
the chorus kicks in (Future Islands singer Sam Herring provides the 
actual melodic backing vox there) & it goes all massive rock anthem.

This record is about life & death & all the good stuff (check out "Vivre 
Sans Temps Mort": "I wrote my first will when I was 9 years old. He 
wrote his memoirs at 12 so those who followed would know. Just in case 
we died."). It glances at epic-ness, but I don't think it's via 
aspiration so much as just via a right-place/right-time confluence of 
moment+talent. Either way, it walks that line between "punk" and 
"profound" that I associate with my favorite Sonic Youth & Fugazi 
albums, but stays a little more firmly on the "punk" side of it.

Note bene: Double Dagger are NOT playing last. Arrive on time.

Thursday, June 18
An Horse    (
Telekinesis    (
Local 506, Chapel Hill

In one corner, we have An Horse, Australian sensations & MP3-blogger 
faves. In the other corner, recent Merge signee/19-year-old bedroom-pop 
wunderkind Telekinesis. I initially thought Bonnaroo was likely to blame 
for this week's indiepop-heavyweight convention in Chapel Hill (this 
show, plus John Vanderslice, plus Camera Obscura) but none of 'em are 
playing Bonnaroo (and goddamn, none of the Bonnaroo peeps I'd want to 
see, namely Santogold & Janelle Monae, are playing here, either). All 
hail the 85/95 corridor, I guess.

Thursday, June 18
Gray Young    (
Citified    (
Tir Na Nog, Raleigh

The dual ringleaders of the local shoegaze revival -- hushed/high/absent 
vox, lots of reverb, a general swirliness. Local bands, local beers.

Thursday, June 18
Inspector 22
Impossible Arms
Quasar Abode
Nightlight, Chapel Hill

Friday, June 19
Mayflies USA    (
The Connells    (
Cat's Cradle, Carrboro

There's a particular variety of sweet melodic southern pop that, for a 
lot of folks in the 80s, epitomized the Triangle area, and the Connells 
were its chief exponent. Moving into the 90s, the same was true of 
Mayflies USA.

Friday, June 19
House of Fools    (
Lonnie Walker    (
Motel Motel    (
Local 506, Chapel Hill

Friday, June 19
Citified    (
The Scott Waite Debacle    (
The Pinhook, Durham

Saturday, June 20
Camera Obscura    (
Anni Rossi    (
Cat's Cradle, Carrboro

Saturday, June 20
Shipwrecker    (
Battle Rockets    (
Free Electric State    (
The Pinhook, Durham

12:00 - Free Electric State
11:00 - Shipwrecker
10:00 - The Battle Rockets

F.E.S. are the new band with Dave & Shirle of Ex-Members, plus Pinhook 
co-owner Nick Williams, and local drummer-about-town Tony Stiglitz (Jett 
Rink, Doleful Lions, literally 4000 other bands). Shipwrecker are 
Durham's own lurching country-and-nautical outfit. Battle Rockets are an 
instrumental duo.

Saturday, June 20
Puritan Rodeo    (
The Alcazar Hotel    (
Jack Sprat Cafe, Chapel Hill

Saturday, June 20
Birds & Arrows    (
Mystery Road    (
The Cave, Chapel Hill

Saturday, June 20
Colossus    (
Static Minds
Slim's Downtown, Raleigh

Sunday, June 21
Twilighter    (
The Moaners    (
Kitty Box & the Johnnys 
The Cave, Chapel Hill

The Cave's website bills this as "Chatham County Pajama Party at the 
"Ski Lodge" w/ The Moaners, Twilighter, Taz Halloween's Kittybox & The 

Sunday, June 21
The Paper Chase    (
Local 506, Chapel Hill

Sunday, June 21
Princess and the Criminals    (
Death Came Down the Mountain 
The Trampskirts    (
Reservoir, Carrboro

Monday, June 22
Americans in France    (
Whatever Brains    (
Francis Harold and the Holograms 
The Cave, Chapel Hill

Oh man, the two best art/punk/what-the/don't-give-a fuck bands currently 
playing in the Triangle, Americans in France and Whatever Brains, 
together in the same subterranean grotto? Call in sick Tuesday.

Tuesday, June 23
Femme Covert    (
Death Domain
Masses Masses
Nightlight, Chapel Hill

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