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Wednesday, April 22
World Inferno Friendship Society    (
Stuck Lucky    (
Cat's Cradle, Carrboro

Wednesday, April 22
Polynya    (
Embarrassing Fruits    (
Veelee    (
The Cave, Chapel Hill

Veelee are a duo which includes half of Opening Flower Happy Bird, but 
which is very different from that band. Sorta hypnotic stripped-down 
indie-pop with female vocals.

Embarrassing Fruits are riding a wave of positive reviews of their new 
full-length, "Community/Exploitation."

Thursday, April 23
North Elementary    (
Wembley    (
Pistolero    (
The Popular Kids
Local 506, Chapel Hill

There'll be a limited-edition North Elementary/Pistolero split-7" 
available at this show. Will also almost certainly be free copies of 
either last year's awesome Wembley full-length debut, or whatever new 
stuff they might've recorded since then. Crucial.

Thursday, April 23
Billy Sugarfix    (
Hey Penny    (
The Cave, Chapel Hill

Billy Sugarfix's one-man show is something you'll really need to see to 

Thursday, April 23
The Proclivities    (
Becca Stevens
Tir Na Nog, Raleigh

Thursday, April 23
The Nothing Noise    (
Harmute    (
Animal Alphabet
Jack Sprat Cafe, Chapel Hill

Friday, April 24
Heather McEntire    (
Adam Price
Eric Roehrig    (
Lee Waters
Love House, Chapel Hill

This is "Music on the Porch II," sponsored by the Center for the Study 
of the American South & assembled by Reid Johnson of Schooner. Eric 
Roehrig (Erie Choir, Sorry About Dresden), Lee Waters (Lud, Work 
Clothes, Panzer, Cobra Khan), Adam Price (Comas, Mayflies USA, Hundred 
Air) and Heather McEntire (Bellafea, Un Deux Trois, Mount Moriah) will 
take turns playing songs & talking about songwriting. Free, starts at 
5:00 p.m.

Friday, April 24
The Rosebuds    (
Midtown Dickens    (
Lost in the Trees    (
Golden Belt, Durham

This is a concert (the first formal music event at the new Golden Belt 
mixed-use complex) & fundraiser for the Durham Arts Council. In addition 
to the pure pop of the Rosebuds, the brilliant mongrel freak/folk of 
Midtown Dickens and the emo-chamber-pop of Lost in the Trees, they'll 
also have OnlyBurger, that burger truck you've been stalking all over 
Durham for the past few months.

Friday, April 24
Mogwai    (
The Twilight Sad    (
Cat's Cradle, Carrboro

Friday, April 24
The Jackets    (
Gabriel Kelley    (
Robert Sledge and the Flashlight Assembly
Pour House, Raleigh

Friday, April 24
Kataklysm    (
Toxic Holocaust    (
Trap Them    (
Napalm Death    (
Volume 11 Tavern, Raleigh

Friday, April 24
The Vibe Killers    (
The New Heathens    (
Spanking Charlene
Slim's Downtown, Raleigh

This is the first night of the Slim's 10th Anniversary party weekend.

Saturday, April 25
Dillon Fence    (
Katharine Whalen    (
Jason Ross & Thomas Juliano
John Strohm    (
Cat's Cradle, Carrboro

Two labels were founded in the Triangle circa 1989. Both had names that 
began with the letter 'M'. One, Merge, was founded by musicians, 
initially just to release their own music, but went on to release 
seminal indie-rock albums such as Neutral Milk Hotel's "In the Aeroplane 
Over the Sea," Magnetic Fields' "69 Love Songs," and the Arcade Fire's 
"Funeral." Still alive and kicking today, they'll be celebrating their 
20th anniversary with a 5-day festival in July.

The other 1989 'M' label, Mammoth, was founded by a Duke MBA, and 
released a wide variety of music from the very beginning, both local 
(blackgirls, Vanilla Trainwreck, Dillon Fence) and non- (Blake Babies, 
Dash Rip Rock, Joe Henry). Over the course of the next decade, they had 
a pretty wild ride, releasing some brilliant records (a huge chunk of 
Joe Henry's amazing '90s ouvre), some not-so-brilliant (Machines of 
Loving Grace? Vowel Movement?) and some that more or less changed the 
face of modern music, however temporarily (remember the Squirrel Nut 

Yet by 1998 they were a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Walt Disney 
Corporation, and in 2003 Disney quietly killed Mammoth, folding it into 
Hollywood Records (home of the Jonas Brothers).

The press coverage of Merge's 20th anniversary is going to be pretty 
much wall-to-wall all year long. I'm guessing there won't be much 
coverage of Mammoth (so far, they haven't even been footnoted in the 
Merge articles I've read, even though it was Merge who actually released 
the first SNZ 7").

And their only birthday celebration consists of this one-night-stand at 
the Cradle, featuring a handful of folks once connected to the label.

Saturday, April 25
The Bronzed Chorus    (
Battle Rockets    (
The White Cascade    (
Jack Sprat Cafe, Chapel Hill

At least two of these bands, the Triangle's Battle Rockets and 
Greensboro's Bronzed Chorus, are instrumental duos.

Saturday, April 25
Filthybird    (
Midtown Dickens    (
Auxiliary House    (
Bull City    (
Local 506, Chapel Hill

This is a CD-release party for the latest installment in the 
long-running, and utterly crucial, Compulation series. Local-music comps 
have come and gone throughout the long history of the local music scene, 
from the Mondo Montage and Comboland comps of the '80s, to the Pyloric 
Waves, Wifflefist and Cognitive Mapping comps of the early-mid-90s, to a 
whole host of one-offs that have come and gone over the past decade. But 
no-one else has come close to matching the hit quotient of the 
Compulation series.

And even a cursory glance at the tracklist 
( for this new edition 
confirms that it'll be every bit as crucial as the first two.

Saturday, April 25
Killer Filler    (
The Noseriders    (
The Surge    (
Atomic Mosquitos    (
The Cave, Chapel Hill

This is the second in a series of "Instro Summits" hosted by local 
surf/garage/lounge act Killer Filler.

Saturday, April 25
American Aquarium    (
Red Collar    (
Holy Ghost Tent Revival    (
Pour House, Raleigh

Red Collar are now a month or so into their great full-time indie-rocker 
adventure, and are swinging back through town to recharge their 
batteries before heading right back out onto the road again. They were a 
top-notch rockband *before* spending a month on the road; I can't even 
imagine what they're like now.

Saturday, April 25
Monsonia    (
Jew(s) & Catholic(s)    (
Death Came Down the Mountain 
Nightlight, Chapel Hill

Saturday, April 25
The Yayhoos
Slim's Downtown, Raleigh

Night two of the Slims 10th anniversary weekend.

Saturday, April 25
Goodbye, Titan    (
Bicycle Day    (
The Last Track    (
Reservoir, Carrboro

Sunday, April 26
The Spinns    (
Dirty Little Heaters    (
Pinche Gringo    (
The Siberians    (
The Cave, Chapel Hill

Holy crap, it's a Spinns reunion! *And* sets by the current bands of two 
of the three Spinns, plus Brooklyn's The Siberians. Garage-rock show of 
the month, at least.

Monday, April 27
Dinosaur Jr    (
Mike Watt & the Missingmen    (
Cat's Cradle, Carrboro

I know I don't have to write any kind of blurb for this show, so I'll 
just repeat what it said on the Cradle schedule, namely that you'll get 
a free single (or a "digital download card," but where's the fun in 
that?) at the door.

Monday, April 27
Hiss Golden Messenger
Muscle Babes
Daniel Francis Doyle
Nightlight, Chapel Hill

Tuesday, April 28
The Kills    (
The Magic Wands    (
The Horrors    (
Cat's Cradle, Carrboro

Wednesday, April 29
Mr. Quintron    (
Miss Pussycat    (
Psychedelic Horseshit    (
Local 506, Chapel Hill

Last year, after a series of amazing benefit shows featuring many of the 
brighest lights of North Carolina music, our friend Cy Rawls, weak from 
chemo & from the brain cancer that would kill him soon after, told his 
parents he was going to see some friends, and then went to the airport, 
boarded a plane, and flew to New Orleans. To see Mr. Quintron.

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