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 Too bad? Hmmm...Not from where I am looking.

First of all this is not a slam against Jamie. I don't know this person but
my assumption is that there is disappointment in not being to see two things
at once (Tin Star vs Ottovonbismark).

However, I disagree. Durham is experience a resurgence of growth and culture
at a time when other cities never had this chance or are losing out due to
the economy. Durham is very lucky in that the residents have had to make due
with little or no budgets and no outside help. We have been blessed, though,
with Duke University's largess for things like the ADF and FullFrame. But
those are just a small part of the overall culture of this city. No, we have
done a lot with very little.

Now, as we are expanding our cultural experiences, we need to recognize this
simple fact that our events don't happen in a vacuum. So instead of being
conflicts of interests, imagine these events as being cross-promotional or

For example, to walk or bike from Bull's Balls Plaza to Bull City
Headquarters is less than half a mile -- a ten minute walk. (By car,
seven-tenths of a mile.) The Art Walk is not linear in space and therefore
not in time. I mean, you aren't walking in a straight line and the art does
not happen in sequence. So visit the bands you'd like to hear and then with
the other times, walk around and see the Art Walk areas. Yeah, by the end of
the day it is conceivable that you've walked around eight miles, but then
why not stop at one of fine eateries to rest and take in some food and

Yes, you will not get to see and do everything in a culturally enriched
city. But isn't that so much better than doing nothing?


PS -- Anyone know why Loco Pops is not open for events on the Plaza? I would
think they would want to make money and stay in business.

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> It's too bad this event is the same time as the annual Durham Art Walk!
> I've
> attached a flyer for it.
> Tin Star plays free in the Bulls plaza downtown at 5:15
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