The Late Show

Michael Warren p_michael_warren at
Sat Sep 13 14:05:04 EDT 2008

I don't understand why its so important that everything runs so
regimented. I understand people have things to do, i've got a
 millions things to do. but when i go to shows, i dont expect fast
food drive-thru type service. 

Most people expect their planes, trains, buses, 
dinner, movies, sports events, and everything else 
to happen on schedule. Clubs and other music 
venues do not get an exemption. If you're at the 
hospital/clinic/DMV, etc. you may have to put up 
with being made to wait forever, but in the area of 
entertainment you always have a choice, including 
staying home in front of the TV.  I've played hundreds 
of gigs since back in the '70's and except for a 
couple of times when the bus broke down, have 
never started a show more than 5 or 10 minutes late. 
The people who hire me and their customers/guests 
expect me to be on time. Musicians who are always 
horribly late are lazy, arrogant and just generally slack. 
Venue operators shouldn't put up with it because it does 
hurt business in the long run. When the debates starts 
about why people don't turn out more for live music, this 
is one of the easier reasons to correct.   



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