stuff to do, week of October 11, 2008

Matt matt.kalb at
Sat Oct 11 18:11:51 EDT 2008

> Thursday, October 16
> Cantwell, Gomez, Jordan =A0 =A0(
> Le Weekend =A0 =A0(
> Minchia =A0 =A0(
> Bull City Headquarters, Durham
> At least two of these bands are big Steely Dan fans, but unless yr
> wavelength is pretty dang advanced, you might be hard-pressed to pick up
> on it. Although the other day I was watching this live Steely Dan video
> of "Black Friday" and Le Weekend actually did start making a bit more
> sense to me.

I'm very sad to report Minchia won't be playing (they have broken up,
which really sucks).  But I'm happy to report Impossible Arms will
take up the charge.  You better believe Mike Myerson is a Steely Dan
fan...get him drunk and ask him about "Barrytown."

Yep, go ahead and make plans to come out to this one.

Matt/Le Weekend

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