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Reese Gibbs rrgibbs53 at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 24 18:57:39 EDT 2008

I think people airing their grievances is good and can be healthy for the community but I also think it's important to avoid rumor and speculation.  How could anyone know a band was turned away for personal reasons?  When people go from what was experienced to what may have happened it begins to feel like a character assassination.  In the words of James Hepler: let's stick with what's legitimate.  Is that what James said?  If it isn't I would think he would say something like that.  Big ups, Hep.

Reese Gibbs McHenry

hannah gush <hannahgush at gmail.com> wrote: I think Joel hit it right on the head: Troika *is* a beautiful thing and no
one thinks organizing these things is easy.  I am the girlfriend of a Durham
musician and a HUGE local music fan.  To some it may seem I have no right to
say anything but right up until last weekend people are still talking about
how disappointed they were with Troika.  I thought if people were still this
upset maybe there were some questions they wanted to ask the organizers, who
I know post here on occasion.

I know the issues I saw last year were mostly based around disorganization
(three different times the various venues didn't know there was a show
there, bands didn't know where and when they were playing).  Some of this
may be an issue with the band/venue but the multitude of those problems says
to me it was disorganization.

The other issue is when we pay to get a ticket and then have to pay again
for the main shows - there are big enough bands to headline the main show
right here in Durham. One of the biggest bands here in Durham was turned
away because one of the organizers doesn't like them personally.  If they
would have headlined the main show there may have been enough money to pay
them and the show could have avoided cancellation.

Why are there out of town bands asked to play the Durham Music Festival?  Is
this to boost attendance?

Why were the Durham musicians that volunteered in the past blocked from
volunteering again?


On Mon, Mar 24, 2008 at 2:21 PM, Joel Peck  wrote:

> But I'm sure there's an example that proves me wrong... > Troika is a
> beautiful thing, it brings us together as music lovers and local supportees.
> It puts a lot of area bands together on really big ecclectic bills.> But
> last year, it seemed like 3-4 band line ups featuring an unknown out of town
> act or 2 were more common. Hence, the thin crowds and disappointed
> attendees.
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