stuff to do, week of July 20, 2008

ryan d rydunlap at
Mon Jul 21 10:59:09 EDT 2008

> Now I'm sitting here wracking my brains, trying to think of even *one*
> band who moved away together, and maybe it's just my nature (out of
> sight, out of mind . . .) but I can't think of any.
> Fan-Tan come pretty close, though. They weren't a band when they lived
> here, but all four of 'em (Kuki Kooks, Sandee Kooks, Ryan Dunlap, Mike
> Walters) are from Chapel Hill, played in tons of bands (Jett Rink,
> Fashion Design, North Elementary), and moved to NY at about the same
> time. First thing to do in any new city: find yr fellow ex-pats & form a
> band?
> not to nitpick, but Fan-Tan was very much a band while in
Chapel Hill. We played a bunch of shows and then did indeed move away
to NYC together  (cept Mike Walters, he just happened to come around
the same time).

Thanks for the mention though!

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