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Thu Feb 28 13:56:04 EST 2008

How asymmetric is the throughput for RR business class? (I'm guessing 
they have different rates)

Honestly, speaking as someone who did his own hosting for too many years 
(I owned my own box, and had it colocated in a few different 
facilities), I have to say that I've never been happier than the day 
when I cut over my hosting to a provider who handles all the OS-level 
crap for me.

If you're an internet-security fiend who enjoys reading all the 
different security-risk lists and keeping up with patches & exploits, 
then by all means, host your own box. If you just want to develop 
applications, you're going to get higher throughput and a better uptime 
SLA for a lot less money from a dedicated hosting provider like 
Dreamhost or GoDaddy (not that I'd necessarily recommend GoDaddy, as 
they are fuckwads).

I mean, you're gonna pay dearly (>$100+/month, I'd guess) for a static 
IP with decent upstream bandwidth from RR or someone similar. You can 
get a wide range of hosting options (from simple space on a box, to a 
complete virtual host with root access, to your own personal server) for 
a monthly charge in that price-range, or well below it, depending on 
your needs.

Just my .02,


Kevin Slater wrote:
> Road Runner will do this.  Business class.  So will any other ISP.
> k.
> On Feb 28, 2008, at 1:13 PM, bessebs at wrote:
>> Hello All,
>> Off topic question, but I figured someone might have an answer. I live
>> in Chapel Hill andcurrently have Roadrunner. I am looking for a high
>> speed service provider that will provide a static IP address so I can
>> run a server and host my own site. Any suggestions?
>> Thanks,
>> Bruce
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