Local music... who decides?

Chris Calloway ifoufo at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 6 10:26:33 EST 2008

--- Kevin Darbro <kdarbro at nc.rr.com> wrote:
> I've got to admit I laughed out loud at Ross's
> proposal for a career for
> chapelhillguitarist.

the money shot, yep.

i'd like to thank ross for all the favoritism.
gatekeeper is a dirty job, but somebody's gotta do it.
there are hundreds of bands around here and very few
clubs. only a fraction of these bands are actually
worth seeing or hearing on the radio. good job, amigo.

and i'd like to thank glenn for keeping the bar very
low. i don't know how many people know both how much
glenn really really loves music and just how super
nice he is to everybody. it's actually very easy to
play the 506 if you have a band people want to see.
when i met glenn over twenty years ago he was managing
a band. (ok, red flag, they did really suck.) and
right before he bought the 506 he was managing a band
(ok, my favorite band, his taste vastly improved with
age.) i'm pretty sure he knows what bands go through
to get heard. and i doubt there is a more considerate
club owner in the universe as a result. i'd hate to
have to answer the volume of email he must get
expecting a reply.

it was clear to me that i wasn't getting all the
emails in this thread. i checked
and verified i was missing most of what should have
been a thread requiring an extra large tub of popcorn.
i checked my spam folder and the missing emails
weren't there. anybody else having this problem? ross,
are any attempted deliveries to me getting bounced? if
microsoft or news corp is going to buy this clunker of
a mail agent, it might be time to retire it and find a
new horse.


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