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Saturday, April 26
Dexter Romweber    (
Sadlack's Heroes, Raleigh

Saturday, April 26
Do the Twist, Hedgehog    (
Broad Street Cafe, Durham

Saturday, April 26
Future Kings of Nowhere    (
Hammer No More the Fingers    (
The Graves of Fairmount    (
Local 506, Chapel Hill

This is a show presented by the weekly Diversions arts & entertainment 
section of the Daily Tar Heel. Once again they've assembled a lineup 
featuring a couple of bands who could easily take the iPods of the entire 
UNC student body by storm, Hammer No More the Fingers & Future Kings of 

Saturday, April 26
Dom Casual    (
Dirty Little Heaters    (
Shipwrecker    (
Jack Sprat Cafe, Chapel Hill

You probably recall the Dirty Little Heaters, and the surf/pop/garage 
sounds of Dom Casual. But do you remember the ramshackle fall-apart 
country of Shipwrecker? Even if you do remember, forget it, because unless 
you've seen 'em with ex-Jaguaro drummer Maria Brubeck, you don't even 
know. (I haven't, and *I* don't even know.)

Saturday, April 26
Dry Heathens    (
Rat Jackson    (
Blackhook    (
The Cave, Chapel Hill

Saturday, April 26
The Hem of His Garment    (
Pacific Before Tiger
Twin Tigers
Nightlight, Chapel Hill

Sunday, April 27
Transportation    (
WXDU 88.7 FM, Durham

Transportation moved here from Amherst, MA, a decade or so ago. Most 
transplant bands don't even last 10 months around here, so they're truly 
remarkable just for that. Even moreso for their sound, which mines some 
sonics of the mid-70s that *aren't* currently fashionable (Wings, Queen, 
Billy Joel). Tune in & see how they put them together to make power-trio 
rock. 4:00 p.m. 88.7 FM or

Sunday, April 27
The Sugar
Sadlack's Heroes, Raleigh

The Sugar is a one-man keyboard explosion who recently moved here from 

Sunday, April 27
Work Clothes    (
Destroyer    (
Andre Ethier    (
Cat's Cradle, Carrboro

Rare public appearance from Work Clothes, whose priorities probably always 
include making hushed gorgeous music, just not often in front of other 
people. Lee & Jenny have been in a ton of bands (Bevel, Clok-Lok, Panzer, 
Cobra Khan, Lud, just for starters) but when they make music together, it 
sounds less like any of those, and more like the bond between them.

Sunday, April 27
Opening Flower Happy Bird 
Velella Velella    (
Elf Owl
Local 506, Chapel Hill

Monday, April 28
Carter Gaj    (
Mount Weather
The Chuttesville Speak
Local 506, Chapel Hill

Tuesday, April 29
Gray Young    (
Luego    (
Birds & Arrows    (
Cat's Cradle, Carrboro

This is another in the Cat's Cradle's "The Club is Open" free local-music 
series, now sponsored by Wootini. Gray Young are a shoegazey band from 
Chapel Hill. Luego are a Durham band, Americana, with strings. Birds & 
Arrows are a new-ish boy/girl duo in which Andrea Nell's vocals are 

Tuesday, April 29
International Noise Conference 
Nightlight, Chapel Hill

This is what Nightlight's website says:

In lieu of a No Future Fest this year, one stream-lined night of regionals 
curated by Scotty Irving + Ryan Martin, plus the famous Squelchers. 
There's NO COVER but you are encouraged to bring donations for the 
Squelchers astronomical travel expenses!

17 acts / 15 minutes or less sets / one full night of NOISE / NO LAPTOPS / 

Inspector 22, C+C of Waumiss...) / JIM CAPPS / CLANG QUARTET / LEE COUNTS 
SOMOS NINJAS (members of In The Year of The Pig) / VAGINATEETH/JESUSTEETH 

Thursday, May 1
Polynya    (
Veronique Diabolique    (
Broad Street Cafe, Durham

Thursday, May 1
Birds & Arrows    (
Nightstick    (
Mystery Road    (
The Cave, Chapel Hill

Thursday, May 1
Lonesome Departed
Griffin House    (
Sons of William    (
Local 506, Chapel Hill

Thursday, May 1
Doom Bunny
Nightlight, Chapel Hill

Friday, May 2
Superchunk    (
Arcade Fire    (
Town Commons, Carrboro

You've probably heard about this by now, but just in case. The Barack 
Obama campaign is running a huge early-voting push in North Carolina, and 
this show is part of it. Tickets have been available for a couple of days 
now at Obama tables near early-voting sites in Chapel Hill, Carrboro, 
Durham and Raleigh. It's unclear how many people the Carrboro Town Commons 
will actually hold--initial reports were that they were planning for 
3-4000, but later I heard 6000.

Gates (what gates?) open at 1:00 p.m., with Superchunk tentatively 
scheduled to go on at 2:00 & the Arcade Fire at 3:00. Nobody is promising 
an Obama appearance (and since he's at the Dean Dome on Monday . . .) but 
it'd be amusing to see him drop in via helicopter or something.

But I daresay most folks in possession of tickets--even folks like me 
who've been rocking Obama bumper-stickers for years now--are more excited 
about the chance to see Superchunk (or the Arcade Fire, anyway).

Friday, May 2 + Saturday, May 3
The Pressure Boys    (
Sneakers    (
Greg Humphreys
Cat's Cradle, Carrboro

The Pressure Boys were a hugely popular Chapel Hill ska band, back before 
American ska became the enormous cottage industry/joke that it has been 
for the past 20 years or so. They broke up in '88, and the original lineup 
have since been scattered to the four winds, with drummer Rob Ladd 
enjoying a successful career as a west coast session drummer, and bassist 
Jack Campbell relocated to New York (after the sad end of his Durham 
record store Poindexter Records).

A few years ago, PB frontman John Plymale's daughter Allie was diagnosed 
with Cystic Fibrosis. Plymale, now a busy local record producer, put 
together the "Songs for Sixty-Five Roses" compilation to benefit CF 
research. This reunion was the next logical avenue for CF 
consciousness/fund-raising, I guess.

Lest you be left wondering about the enduring popularity of the Pressure 
Boys, this show was originally slated for just one night, but it sold out 
quickly enough that they decided to add a second night. Helped, perhaps, 
by the addition of a Sneakers reunion: Chris Stamey and Mitch Easter's 
short-lived late-70s new wave band never got more than 1% of the attention 
directed at the dBs and Let's Active, but listening from 2008, there's a 
freshness & anarchy present in the Sneakers' recordings that seems 

Friday, May 2
Half-Handed Cloud    (
Butterflies    (
Nightlight, Chapel Hill

Friday, May 2
Sleepsound    (
Harmute    (
Transmission Fields
Jack Sprat Cafe, Chapel Hill

Friday, May 2
Langhorne Slim    (
American Aquarium    (
The New Familiars    (
Local 506, Chapel Hill

Friday, May 2
The Saving Graces    (
Hell, Chapel Hill

Saturday, May 3
Chip Robinson
Patty Hurst Shifter    (
Tres Chicas    (
Glory Fountain    (
The Silos    (
Pour House, Raleigh

Silos bassist Drew Glackin died earlier this year, of a 
previously-undiagnosed thyroid condition. This show is a memorial and also 
a fundraiser for the Future of Music Coalition's HINT, the Health 
Insurance Navigation Tool, which was set up to help musicians deal with 
the difficulties of getting health coverage in 2008 America.

Here's a full lineup:

Tres Chicas (+ Hazeldine reunion)
Chip Robinson
Glory FOuntain
Chris Mills
the Silos
Quarry Hill
BJ Barham
Patty Hurst Shifter

Saturday, May 3
Sequoya    (
Sawteeth McTweedy and the Particles 
Scientific Superstar    (
Veronica Blood    (
Bull City Headquarters, Durham

Future generations looked back on it as "the day the good band names ran 

Saturday, May 3
Earth    (
Downtown Event Center, Raleigh

Yes, the "if Ennio Morricone had a metal band" metal band, Southern Lord 
label stalwarts Earth, are gonna be playing the hexed/doomed club space on 
Martin St. Seems somehow fitting.

Saturday, May 3
I Was Totally Destroying It 
Tripp    (
Mumpsy    ( )
Local 506, Chapel Hill

Saturday, May 3
Tom Meltzer Combo    (
Jeff Hart
The Cave, Chapel Hill

Saturday, May 3
Man Will Destroy Himself
Suburban Sweethearts
Slim's Downtown, Raleigh

Sunday, May 4
Chip Robinson
Kenny Roby    (
Lou Ford    (
The Cartridge Family    (
Joe Swank and the Zen Pirates 
Sadlack's Heroes, Raleigh

This is the second half of the Drew Glackin Memorial/HINT fundraiser. Chip 
always did play better hung over.

Sunday, May 4
Man Man    (
Yeasayer    (
Cat's Cradle, Carrboro

Sunday, May 4
The Men    (
Local 506, Chapel Hill

This is a 506 Free For All show.

Sunday, May 4
Polynya    (
The Bright Lights    (
Reservoir, Carrboro

Monday, May 5
Leslie    (
Airbourne    (
Local 506, Chapel Hill

Tuesday, May 6
The Rosebuds    (
British Sea Power    (
Jeffrey Lewis    (
Cat's Cradle, Carrboro

Tuesday, May 6
Sea Cow
Local 506, Chapel Hill

This is a 506 Free For All show.

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