Music Trivia - This Tuesday - 7pm

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Mon Oct 29 14:12:53 EDT 2007

Once again, we'll be doing 506 Music Trivia night on a Tuesday, since
those damn bands took up all the Sundays!  And it's also at 7pm, for
those of you wanting to go see Shout-Out Louds later that night at the

Doors will open at 6:30pm and there will be a background theme.  For
those of you who've never been to music trivia, the music we play is
also tied together by a 'theme' and you get bonus points for guessing
the theme.  Last week's theme was bands that begin with 'The' and, as
easy as that sounds, only one team got it.  The set mixed such obvious
examples as The Zombies or The Clash with less obvious examples such
The Brian Jonestown Massacre, The Jesus and Mary Chain and The Jimi
Hendrix Experience (ie: bands you tend to write down without the

We also have a guest contribution round from Pat Cudahy of The Merch
- you'll have to come to find out about that. But it's cool!

Doors - 6:30pm (Background Theme)
Trivia  - 7pm  (First Round of Questions)
$3 Drafts - All Night Long! (Carolina Brewery style!)

- glenn

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